11 March 2008

Last One of These (Unless dpu Escalates Of Course!)

Okay, doubleplusundead claims, "You lose, sucka!" in the Tron Warstm and I must respond:

Pwn3d!!!  ('Cause this is the coolest you're gonna find!)

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05 March 2008


This is great and well worth your time.

h/t to JAFKIAC via Ace of Spades

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Another Korean Music Video

As you can tell, I really like Korean music.  This video from Shinhwa has English subtitles, something I'd like to see more videos do.  It shows how they mix a lot of English into their lyrics, something not always easy to tell from just listening.  Again, I hope you enjoy these.  I do.

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03 March 2008

I Knew It!!

I've always wondered if it was me.  Even though my hearing tests in the Army always were good... actually, better than good.  My hearing improved by the time I retired..  My last physical exam showed great results, especially compared to when I first came in.  The audiologist was very surprised.  I still wondered what these self-described "audiophiles" were talking about.  Now, the truth comes out:

-- cold hard proof is another, and it looks like a group of 12 self-professed "audiophiles" recently couldn't tell the difference between Monster 1000 speaker cables and plain old coat hangers.

Bwahahaha!!!  I knew it!  Now, I'm going to wait and see what they say about this "High-Definition" stuff... "cause I'm pretty sure that's a bunch of baloney too.

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Korean Music Video

Excellent song, standard video.  He is probably my favorite male Korean singer, I hope you enjoy it.

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22 February 2008

Newest Playlist

I have two Zune 30 media players and will be getting at least one Zune 80 sometime this year and give the 30GB Zunes to the kids.  I love the Zune for my music and podcasts, as a portable radio, and have all my digital photographs saved for viewing as well.  Video support is weak compared to some of the other players and the Zune software is a little clunky for some tasks (not anywhere near as bad as iTunes, but could stand some improvement).  While I will probably do a more in-depth review of the Zune later, I just finished putting together another playlist and wanted to share a bit of that.

This one has 2,289 songs from a wide variety of artists and genres.  When I put it on random play I haven't heard a song repeated yet.  I confess that a lot of my listening is influenced by the kids, but in fairness, they like a lot of the stuff I grew up with too. So what kind of list has almost 2300 songs on it?  Here is a partial list below the fold:


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19 February 2008

Tuesday Music Video

I don't remember where I saw this first, it was sometime last year.  Very funny and great song, even if I'm not a huge fan of the apparent sponsors.  Mild content warning at some of the pantomime gestures.  Nothing terrible, but some may be uncomfortable explaining to their boss or children what is meant (I wasn't... I showed my boss and my kids.  They all laughed, hence the mild warning.)

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18 February 2008

Favorite Korean Singer

This is my favorite Korean singer.  Enjoy.

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