23 May 2008

Metal & Magic

First off, let me state that I don't get a dime for this (or any other compensation) and never will.  When I make a recommendation it's because it's something I found worth recommending.  This is an absolute must-check-out!  There are books and lots of original artwork.


Two special recommendations for purchase... the first is here.  You can also check out this at Amazon.  Get a copy of Digger or Nurk for yourself and one as a gift for someone else who enjoys fantasy stories and art.  When S.Weasel gets around to putting a book together (hint, hint) they will go well together.

This is also going in the sidebar... it's that good.  One for Uncle Badger and S.Weasel below the fold.

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03 May 2008

Free Ebooks

This was big a couple of months ago when Cox & Forkum made four of their political cartoon books available for download... free of charge.  Wowio has no subscriptions, no fees, and no hassles after over two months of use... so I feel very comfortable recommending that you check them out.  If you have any interest in reading, they have something you'll like.

Three titles a day, thirty a month, and don't forget to click the little smiley-face to say thank you.  Enjoy!!

I think I first saw this at The Jawa Report so I'll give them the h/t, but it was in several other places too.  Get the Cox & Forkum books at least, they're outstanding.

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05 March 2008


This is great and well worth your time.

h/t to JAFKIAC via Ace of Spades

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03 March 2008

Chavez Needs To Be Gone

I said in a comment over at Ace's that Chavez was buddy-buddy with FARC:

18 Chavez is aligned with FARC and wants them to overthrow the Colombian government.  That way, he has an ally (puppet) close by and would have taken the first step towards his anti-US, South American Union.  He's pissed because one of his biggest allies was killed and it has set back his plans.

Why do you think he was able to negotiate those hostage-releases?  His winning personality?

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This was before the news about the intelligence found on FARC computers.

Evidence found in computers seized in a raid over the weekend suggests Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recently gave the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia $300 million, Colombia's national police chief said Monday.

Chavez is a thug who... like the old Soviet Union, the Palistinians, and the Iranians, wants to blame the United States for all the world's problems.  We get between 7% and 10% of our oil from Venezuela and Chavez has threatened to stop selling to us.  What most of the MSM is failing to tell anyone about this story is that Venezuela's oil can only be refined in the United States because it is such a poor grade.  If he doesn't sell his oil to us, he doesn't sell his oil. 

Maybe a month or two of reduced supply would be worth it to get rid of this tinpot dictator because his economy is only being supported by the inflated price of oil right now.  Without that income from us, it won't be long before the people of Venezuela (and it's military) take care of this problem for the entire world.

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21 February 2008

Recognizing Adverse Drug Events

Via Medscape, a free subscription with loads of fine medical- and health-related articles. 

Contrary to the public's common belief, all drugs are dangerous. Just because a drug is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not mean that it won't cause problems; all usually do, from minor side effects to permanent disability, to life threats, and even death.

Unless you talk to a trial-lawyer of course.  Then, the evil drug companies intentionally release dangerous chemicals disguised as medication just to watch the pain and suffering as they chuckle maniacally.


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18 February 2008

Wireless Amber Alerts

Child abductions are seriously scary.  You have almost certainly heard of Amber Alerts and may have even seen the overhead signs on highways that broadcast them.  What many people have never heard of is that you can get text messages of Amber Alerts in your area.  The service itself is free here, but you do have to pay any applicable text message fees through your carrier.  I've been signed up for these almost since they began.  It's a great service and not very intrusive since you only get alerts from your own specified area.  I seem to get an average of one or two each month, along with updates and when they are canceled... about 5-6 texts a month.

I don't have a financial interest here or personal history dealing with Amber Alerts.  I just think it's a great service and urge you to check it out.  Also, I just got one on my phone which is what brought it to mind.

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