23 May 2008

Metal & Magic

First off, let me state that I don't get a dime for this (or any other compensation) and never will.  When I make a recommendation it's because it's something I found worth recommending.  This is an absolute must-check-out!  There are books and lots of original artwork.


Two special recommendations for purchase... the first is here.  You can also check out this at Amazon.  Get a copy of Digger or Nurk for yourself and one as a gift for someone else who enjoys fantasy stories and art.  When S.Weasel gets around to putting a book together (hint, hint) they will go well together.

This is also going in the sidebar... it's that good.  One for Uncle Badger and S.Weasel below the fold.

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03 May 2008

Free Ebooks

This was big a couple of months ago when Cox & Forkum made four of their political cartoon books available for download... free of charge.  Wowio has no subscriptions, no fees, and no hassles after over two months of use... so I feel very comfortable recommending that you check them out.  If you have any interest in reading, they have something you'll like.

Three titles a day, thirty a month, and don't forget to click the little smiley-face to say thank you.  Enjoy!!

I think I first saw this at The Jawa Report so I'll give them the h/t, but it was in several other places too.  Get the Cox & Forkum books at least, they're outstanding.

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