17 April 2008

"New" Nerve Disease?

Workers who remove brains from slaughtered pigs have apparently contracted a new nerve disease.

They said the illness is a new disorder that causes a range of symptoms, from inflammation of the spinal cord to mild weakness, fatigue, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs.

It sounds very much like an old nerve disease.  The symptoms are different, but they should be looking very strongly at whether prions have anything to do with this new disease.  That seems much more likely than the theory advanced in the article.

Lachance said it is possible that bits of pig brain stimulated an immune response in the bodies of the workers, causing their immune systems to improperly attack their own nerve tissue.

It's possible the pigs were flying before they were slaughtered I guess.  This could very possibly become the new "Mad Cow" disease if they don't get their act together.

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16 April 2008

Senator Arlen Specter Has Hodgkin's Return

Apparently they caught it early, so hopefully he can be treated and the cancer put back in remission.  Prayers for hiim, his family, and his friends are in order.  I can't stand the RINO as a politican, but I hope he regains good health and does well with treatment.  Good luck Senator.

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