22 March 2008

The "Typical" Leftist

The thing I value most about reading Dr. Sanity is that the articles are not based on psychobabble and platitudes, but sound behavioral and psychological principles.  As she usually does, in this article Dr. Pat peels aways the layers of confusion surrounding leftist ideology and motivation.  What happens when a party based on identity politics and always being a victim implodes because one class of victim collides with another?

The only legacy that the candidacy of Barack Obama is going to leave with the American people is one of racial polarization ;divisiveness; and identity politics taken to the nth degree. Amazingly, this could have been predicted at the very start of the campaign as the two Democrat-approved victim groups lined up to do battle for the nomination, each believing they represented the purist victims of the evils of the white male capitalist oppressors.

Read the entire article to get the clearest picture I've seen of how leftist ideas are veiled attempts at grabbing power and always end up hurting the people they claim are most in need of help.  If you read her regularly it becomes much simpler to understand why progressives inevitably make things worse.

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07 March 2008

Bush Derangment Syndrome Infects Town

I meant to post on this yesterday.

The symbolic article seeks to have police arrest Bush and Cheney if they ever visit Brattleboro or to extradite them for prosecution elsewhere — if they're not impeached first.

Granted, it's not the entire town... but how on Earth did it pass if it wasn't a pretty darn common sentiment?  Has anyone noticed that they didn't vote on a resolution to arrest or extradite Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden, Putin, etc...?  Wonder why?

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Most Liberals Are Conservative (And Most Conservatives Are Liberal)

When I talk bad about liberals, I should really say moonbats.  I can't stand moonbats.  Code Pink is full of hate-filled, socialist-loving, BDS-afflicted shrews.  IVAW is mostly made up from people who were either screw-ups in the military and have a grudge because they kept being slapped down, people who were never in the military, and maybe 5% who were good soldiers and now have sincere moral objections to the war.  Good on that 5% and I support them even though I don’t agree with them.  Why they associate with the other 95% I don't know.  There are many more examples and listing them would take hours.

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