03 March 2008

I Knew It!!

I've always wondered if it was me.  Even though my hearing tests in the Army always were good... actually, better than good.  My hearing improved by the time I retired..  My last physical exam showed great results, especially compared to when I first came in.  The audiologist was very surprised.  I still wondered what these self-described "audiophiles" were talking about.  Now, the truth comes out:

-- cold hard proof is another, and it looks like a group of 12 self-professed "audiophiles" recently couldn't tell the difference between Monster 1000 speaker cables and plain old coat hangers.

Bwahahaha!!!  I knew it!  Now, I'm going to wait and see what they say about this "High-Definition" stuff... "cause I'm pretty sure that's a bunch of baloney too.

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