22 February 2008

Newest Playlist

I have two Zune 30 media players and will be getting at least one Zune 80 sometime this year and give the 30GB Zunes to the kids.  I love the Zune for my music and podcasts, as a portable radio, and have all my digital photographs saved for viewing as well.  Video support is weak compared to some of the other players and the Zune software is a little clunky for some tasks (not anywhere near as bad as iTunes, but could stand some improvement).  While I will probably do a more in-depth review of the Zune later, I just finished putting together another playlist and wanted to share a bit of that.

This one has 2,289 songs from a wide variety of artists and genres.  When I put it on random play I haven't heard a song repeated yet.  I confess that a lot of my listening is influenced by the kids, but in fairness, they like a lot of the stuff I grew up with too. So what kind of list has almost 2300 songs on it?  Here is a partial list below the fold:

Maroon 5
12 Stones
Flo Rida
Ana Laura
Cowboy Troy
Anthony Stewart Head (Mr. Giles from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
Colbie Caillat
Beat Farmers
Blink 182
Boa (You saw one of her videos here)
Carrie Underwood
Breaking Benjamin
Amy Winehouse
The Youngbloods
Lee Hyori (Another Korean singer worth checking out if you like that kind of stuff)
James Taylor
Fall Out Boy
The Doobie Brothers
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Halo Friendlies
Tracy Byrd
Lupe Fiasco
Pretty Ricky
Johnny Cash
Josh Turner
Ricky Nelson
Silversun Pickups
Taylor Swift
Elvis (and Lisa Marie) Presley
The Fray

And a couple of hundred others so you can understand why I don't list them all.  Now, with this list, I mostly avoided Broadway, Movie, and Television show songs which have their own list.  The Grateful Dead has its own list since I have both box sets, which together include every release they ever did.  I can start playing with the first song from the first album and listen all the way until their final release, or I can put it on random and have good music in the background forever. 

This list is light on country and oldies, with almost no classical.  I have others with a much wider variety.  For those of you with mp3 players, what is on your playlists?

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