17 March 2008

CFO Of Clinton Library Building Company Goes Missing

Let the conspiracy theories commence!  The CFO of the company which built the Clinton Library has gone missing.

"He may be under some kind of compulsion ... some kind of blackmail, that's a scenario you could dream up," said his brother, Roger Glasgow. "We're not suggesting any of these scenarios because we just don't know. But it does open up a Pandora's box of possibilities."

The company is undergoing an audit, but says that there is no money missing.

Weeks before his disappearance, his wife Melinda found him pacing in their kitchen as the end-of-the-year audit period approached. Dillard's had sent "absolutely relentless" auditors to review CDI's books, she said.

Nothing to see here, move along.  He just went "walkabout".
  It will be interesting if the Obama campaign mentions this at all to draw attention away from his ties to Rezko.

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16 March 2008

Conservative Belle And "This Blog Supports..."

Via doubleplusundead and the Palm Sunday edition of Links Around The Moronosphere,
Conservative Belle has a great post on why we shouldn't support politicians who don't follow conservative principles.  Read it and leave a comment to show your support.

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John Edwards After Kerry Endorsed Obama

Ok, finding comedy gold tonight.  This looks old, but I hadn't seen it before.  Fair warning -- language  NSFW!!!

I can almost feel the flames already.  Why couldn't I have found these on a Friday night? 

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Tips From Eliot Spitzer

Ok, I'm just wrong for posting this, I admit it.  I don't really care about the whole controversy and wasn't going to post on it.  And on a Sunday no less... I'm going to hell.

It's funny though. 
(Afterthought... possibly NSFW - subject, depending on where you work)

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15 March 2008

Quote Of The Day

Can you spell irony Senator?  Hypocrite.

The Arizona senator said it showed that his fellow Republicans were "not responding to the will of the people."

McCain -- Feingold
McCain -- Kennedy
McCain -- Lieberman

"Fellow Republicans" my left pinkie toe.  The main thrust of the article is right, I expect there will be an attempt to disrupt the elections by al Qaeda as I've said before.  That doesn't make him any less of a hypocrite.

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14 March 2008

Undermining Democracy Part 3

When you see a farce like this, it's not hard to understand why other complaints about elections seem more credible than they actually are.  That it's an intentional strategy to make Democracy seem unworkable seems pretty clear to me.

Iran's reformist movement, which seeks democratic changes at home and better ties with the West, was largely sidelined in the race after most of its candidates were barred from running by Iran's clerical leadership.

If you read the article you might notice that the Iranian government pulling all the shenanigans is being called "conservative"... which is technically correct.  Of course every single recent article reporting on this Iranian election has done the same thing, many times, over and over within the article... you might say gratuitously.  I wonder why that is?  Why would the MSM keep labeling them "conservative" instead of "religious extremists", "theocrats", or most accurately "radical muslims"?  The MSM doesn't have an agenda... does it?

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Not Just A Number *UPDATED*

I'm not sure how long it wil be there, or if it constitutes Fair Use, so I'm just going to link to this and say "Bravo!  Well-played!!"

*UPDATE* To heck with it.  Maybe Gabriel Malor will stop by and let me know if commenting that the focus seems blurry to me and the font is a bit small, that constitutes Fair Use.  Probably not since this is an update and the intent to critique the image is now suspect.  If a copyright holder wants it down, email me and I'll take it down (I'll leave the link, you can deal with Engadget on your own) 


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07 March 2008

Margaret Thatcher in Hospital *UPDATED*

I've always had (and still do have) a great respect for her intelligence and character.  She was a great friend to President Reagan and still is a great friend to America.  Here's hoping her stay in the hospital is short and uneventful.

The hospital described her as a model patient.

Better than I would be, that's certain.  heh.

*UPDATE*  She's out of the hospital and doing fine.

Carol Thatcher said her mother was hospitalized as a precaution.

"Very wisely, at her age and with a history of little strokes, they decided to err on the side of caution," she said. "But it's good news today. She is doing well."

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Most Liberals Are Conservative (And Most Conservatives Are Liberal)

When I talk bad about liberals, I should really say moonbats.  I can't stand moonbats.  Code Pink is full of hate-filled, socialist-loving, BDS-afflicted shrews.  IVAW is mostly made up from people who were either screw-ups in the military and have a grudge because they kept being slapped down, people who were never in the military, and maybe 5% who were good soldiers and now have sincere moral objections to the war.  Good on that 5% and I support them even though I don’t agree with them.  Why they associate with the other 95% I don't know.  There are many more examples and listing them would take hours.

(please continue below the fold)


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