17 April 2008

Feds To Collect DNA From Everyone Who Gets Arrested

The Feds are proposing to collect DNA from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency.

The government plans to begin collecting DNA samples from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency — a move intended to prevent violent crime but which also is raising concerns about the privacy of innocent people.

Privacy of innocent people?  I don't understand the concern here if the sample is only going to be used for identification and investigative purposes.  We should be collecting DNA from newborns, applications for immigration, tourists, and anyone else in the country.  We already collect DNA samples from everyone in the military and nobody has suggested that the information has been abused.


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16 April 2008

CNN Kowtows To China

China demanded CNN apologize for a commentator saying that the Chinese government was "basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years."  Of course, CNN obliged.

"It was not Mr. Cafferty's nor CNN's intent to cause offence (sic) to the Chinese people, and (CNN) would apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way," CNN said in a statement.

Of course, CNN has a history of appeasing despots and currying favor with totalitarian regimes.

On April 11, 2003, Jordan revealed that CNN knew about human rights abuses committed in Iraq by Saddam Hussein since 1990 and provided gifts (emphasis mine) to Saddam's family in a New York Times story called The News We Kept to Ourselves claiming the network refrained from coverage of them in order to gain better access to information on Hussein's government.

Is there any conceivable circumstance where CNN would apologize to President Bush for anything they said about his administration?  Especially if it was "demanded" from them?  And they call themselves the most trusted name in news.  If they had any integrity, they'd ... moot point, they don't.  Wankers.

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Senator Arlen Specter Has Hodgkin's Return

Apparently they caught it early, so hopefully he can be treated and the cancer put back in remission.  Prayers for hiim, his family, and his friends are in order.  I can't stand the RINO as a politican, but I hope he regains good health and does well with treatment.  Good luck Senator.

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Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes

This article is so pro-illegal immigrant it set my teeth on edge.  It tries to make the case that having illegals is only good for the United States.

But the latest figures available indicate it will amount to billions of dollars in federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes this year. One rough estimate puts the amount of Social Security taxes alone at around $9 billion per year.

Paycheck withholding collects much of the federal tax from illegal workers, just as it does for legal workers.

This doesn't include the illegals being paid under the table though, does it?  They're the ones who are most likely to be exploited, right?  Sub-minimum wage, no insurance or other benefits, unsafe conditions are things that pro-illegal advocates always talk about.  Why not now?


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Students Press For Their Right To Carry Concealed

Over 25,000 students have joined a group demanding their right to defend themselves, even while at school.

Standing on the Cincinnati campus, Flitcraft calmly explained he is licensed to carry a weapon in Ohio. He wants to carry his gun on campus to defend himself from potential killers, but by law he can't.

"To me it makes no sense that I can defend myself legally over there," he said, pointing to the city streets. "But I am a felon if I step on the grass over here."

Of course, they don't have Police Chief Grady there... instead, they have this guy...


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15 April 2008

Around The Moronosphere

Once again, dpud has done an excellent job rounding up interesting links around the moronosphere.  Head on over to doubleplusundead and check them out.  Look for the link to the This Ain't Hell (again, go to dpud and click the link, you won't regret it... it starts with "Nutroots once again trying to ...") article.

Great work (as always) dpud!!

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14 April 2008

Al-Sadr Demands Deserters Be Rewarded

Muqtada Al-Sadr is getting desperate, but shouldn't worry yet because he still has the AP to shill for him.

The Basra offensive — which opened on March 25 — quickly stalled amid strong resistance from the outnumbered militiamen, despite artillery and air support provided by U.S. and British forces.

During the attack more than 1,000 security troops — including a full infantry battalion — refused to fight or joined the militias, handing them weapons and vehicles.

"Quickly stalled" as in, kicked so much ass that militia are still running for their lives.  Those who deserted or refused to fight should never be allowed to don a uniform again... not even as a bus driver.  They weren't security forces, they were infiltrators from the militias.  How else to explain their behavior?  Muqtada has a possible explanation.

"All the brothers in the army and police who gave up their arms to their bothers (Sadrists), were only obeying their grand religious leaders and they were driven by their religious duties," the anti-U.S. cleric said.

"I call upon all concerned authorities to reconsider their decision to dismiss those people from the army and the police. I demand they be reinstated and even rewarded for their loyalty and devotion to their religion," he added.

Demand all you like fatso, the only reward they should get is a firing squad, and you should be the first one in line.  You're still wanted for murder, remember?  If you ever poke your nose out of Iran long enough for real Iraqi troops to draw a bead on you, I'm certain you'll find out how much they support you. 

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Bush Administration To Prepare Global Warming Initiative?

One of the many things I disagree with John McCain about is his belief in global warming.  Or is it just called climate change now?  Since most of the data coming out now shows there is no global warming, that means man must be causing the Earth to cool, right?  Gotta love the moonbat logic.

Much of the world has jumped on the global warming (sorry, climate change) bandwagon as a means of gaining influence and power.  With the Democratic Party pandering to the far left and anti-American elements throughout the world, the Bush administration appears headed towards an attempt to head them off at the pass.


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13 April 2008

New Surveillance Program To Begin

It's now time for the next Democratic pseudo-scandal to start.  A new surveillance program using satellites is ready to "go warm" according to the Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff.

Sophisticated overhead sensor data will be used for law enforcement once privacy and civil rights concerns are resolved, he said. The department has previously said the program will not intercept communications.

Of course, that won't stop Democrats from lying about the administration infringing on civil liberties and breaking the law.

But Congress delayed launch of the new office last October. Critics cited its potential to expand the role of military assets in domestic law enforcement, to turn new or as-yet-undeveloped technologies against Americans without adequate public debate, and to divert the existing civilian and scientific focus of some satellite work to security uses.

Democrats say Chertoff has not spelled out what federal laws govern the NAO, whose funding and size are classified. Congress barred Homeland Security from funding the office until its investigators could review the office's operating procedures and safeguards. The department submitted answers on Thursday, but some lawmakers promptly said the response was inadequate.

"I have had a firsthand experience with the trust-me theory of law from this administration," said Harman, citing the 2005 disclosure of the National Security Agency's domestic spying program, which included warrantless eavesdropping on calls and e-mails between people in the United States and overseas. "I won't make the same mistake. . . . I want to see the legal underpinnings for the whole program."

You can expect all the details in the inevitable hearings and briefings to come.  Anything not disclosed by the Democrats directly will surely be leaked by them to the NYT. 

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Thanks For The Endorsement, Now We'll Call You "Anti-Human Rights"

The Dalai Lama has gone out of his way to condemn the violent riots in Tibet, supported the Olympics being held in China, spoken against any interruption in the Olympic Torch Relay, and says that Tibet should always be considered a part of China.  How does that play in the official Chinese media?

"It is indeed the anti-human rights nature of the Dalai clique that impels the 'pro-Tibet independence' separatists to undermine China's stability and unity, disgrace China worldwide, and even sabotage the Olympic torch relay by all sorts of violent means," the English-language commentary said.

You can't ever do enough to satisfy totalitarian governments.  Ever.  There is an amusing side however.

and branded top U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi as "the least popular person in China" for her stance on Tibet.

They must watch Olbermann for style, even if they choose different content.

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