08 September 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

Via The Hostages

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06 September 2008

Next Step

The first part of the immigration application has been approved and we were able to get Social Security cards for the girls.  This means that the concerns about them getting deported are over.  Thanks to everyone for their help and support throughout.  Once the final paperwork gets back, we can start trying to recover some of the excess costs that were so burdensome.  We're already working on amending the Income Tax Returns (again), but it looks like some of the deadlines are passed for certain deductions, i.e. Adoption credit.  I'm not an income tax guy by any means, so we'll let a professional look at it.

I'm going to continue to focus on family and staying as healthy as I can.  That doesn't mean I won't be blogging at all, but probably not much and not regularly for a while.  No great loss really since McCain picked Palin and "re-charged" an almost-dead blogosphere.

Be well.

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