21 February 2008

Getting There

Without food-delivery and waste-elimination systems in place, this stays in the "close-but-no-cigar" category.


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20 February 2008

Teh Gerbil Nation

On the blogroll, you'll see "Teh Squeaky Wheel" and are encouraged to check it out.  It's like a house where everyone in the family can just walk in, take off their shoes, chat for a bit, and take off to continue their day.  It's what the web should be like all over.  It doesn't matter what your politics, religion, orientation, shoe size, or anything else may be... you're welcome at teh Wheel.  (Most often, the word "the" is spelled "teh", along with many other endearing idiosyncrasies that you will pick up quickly.  I'm still getting a sense of "Brenda's Dryer", but I was gone for a while... so there's that)

Some history... my first exposure to blogs was when Deb Frisch had her meltdown over at Protein Wisdom.  I'm not going to link anything to her directly, but if you're not familiar with this psycho, Google and Wikipedia are good places to start.  An exceptionally fine man called Sinner started "Don't Hire Dr. Deborah Frisch" to help the academic world avoid a huge mistake in letting this horrible excuse for a human being (and I don't say that lightly) come anywhere near children again.

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