23 April 2008

Links Around The Moronosphere

I've had a drop in output the past four days for some health issues, a wonky router, and two short-notice day-trips out of town back to back.  Health is coming back, I have a new router which I'll install tomorrow (I'd do it now, but I want all four kids involved so they learn how to set up a home network), the day-trips are done and I'm not likely to need further action on that front.

Fortunately, doubleplusundead keeps doing his phenomenal job of collecting the best postings from "The Morons".  Regular readers of The Ace of Spades have come to be known as morons and dpud noticed how many had their own blogs.  Inspired, he created "The Moronosphere" (check the blogroll) and with S.Weasel doing the graphics, has assembled an eclectic group of self-described morons who put out some startlingly-good articles.  I'm not sure why I was invited unless they needed someone to bring the average back down to moron-level.

So check out the links at dpud's and enjoy some of the smartest morons you'll ever meet.  I'm proud to be one of them.

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Taking Back The Neighborhood

The only patrolling I ever did as an enlisted soldier in the military was during Field Training Exercises.  As a Nurse Corps officer, patrolling wasn't even an option during training as our mission was different.  Kim du Toit over at The Other Side of Kim has a great article about a soldier returning from Iraq and getting involved in his local Neighborhood Watch.

Great story and now I'm considering the Neighborhood Watch in my own area.  I'm pretty asocial by nature.  Not anti-social, I'm just happy being at home with the family and don't see the need to leave for other company.  This could be something that helps me get to know the neighbors in a way that I'm comfortable with. 

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21 April 2008

Dr. Sanity On Paranoia And Projection

When I first started reading blogs, I spent a lot of time on "progressive" sites trying to understand their reasoning.  As I kept hearing about the coming "Bush Theocracy" and how fascist our government was becoming, with any dispute being attacked or mocked hysterically, I stopped even reading them.  I couldn't understand why discussion over disagreements was impossible.

Dr. Pat frequently gives the answers and does so again today.

Don't expect a rational response to such questions. Questions like that only elicit further complicated conspiracy theories that are constructed around all of the shibboleths of the left (many of which have evolved into dogma since 9/11)--anti-capitalism; multilateralism; multiculturalism; poverty; victims of US imperialism; anti-Americanism etc. etc. If you put all the conspiracy theories together you will find a concatenation of bizarre and often contradictory components that should make any reasonably intelligent person roll on the floor with hoots of laughter.

It would be reasonable to laugh if it weren't so pervasive in Democrat elected officials.

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20 April 2008

Sweep Nets Nearly 300 Illegal Aliens

A sweep covering five states netted almost 300 arrests of illegal aliens on charges of identity theft, document fraud, and being in the country illegally.

The raids were part of a long-term investigation, officials said. Plants were raided in Mount Pleasant, Texas, Batesville, Ark., Live Oak, Fla., Chattanooga, Tenn. and Moorefield, W.Va., authorities said.

Atkinson said the company went to ICE agents with information about identity theft at the Arkansas plant. The company uses a federal database to check identity documents of new employees, but that wouldn't stop a person from using a real, but stolen ID, he said.


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19 April 2008

I Thought Government Had To Solve These Problems

I must have read this article half-a-dozen times looking for the angle.  It's from CNN, right?  There has to be one.  Ham-handed rhetoric slipped in about illegal-immigration, taxes, the economy, the administration, religion, drugs, guns... something.  I can't recall CNN ever doing a straight report about a positive topic.  Until now, apparently.  Meet Maria Ruiz:

There, for the first time, she saw poverty in the extreme. People lived in homes made of wooden pallets. The elementary school was built of makeshift materials and had no running water or electricity. Teachers told her that many children were failing because they were hungry.

"My heart went out to those kids," Ruiz recalled. "I couldn't just cross my arms and turn away from it. I needed to do something."

She convinced local businesses to donate goods and made the trips down to Juarez to help.  Read the entire article to see how one person can make a difference.  A truly remarkable woman and equally remarkable article that didn't take an opportunity to advance an agenda.  Credit where it's due, nice job CNN.

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18 April 2008

Moronosphere Links From dpud

Wireless router fried, backup wonky, and health on a 1 - 10 scale is about a 3. Check out doubleplusundead's links because with four stories tabbed that I haven't seen anywhere else, I just don't have it in me to write them up right now.

Maybe in the morning I'll feel better, go out to get a working router, write up a lot of good articles, and win the lottery.  Any three out of the four would be enough for me.

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17 April 2008

Feds To Collect DNA From Everyone Who Gets Arrested

The Feds are proposing to collect DNA from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency.

The government plans to begin collecting DNA samples from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency — a move intended to prevent violent crime but which also is raising concerns about the privacy of innocent people.

Privacy of innocent people?  I don't understand the concern here if the sample is only going to be used for identification and investigative purposes.  We should be collecting DNA from newborns, applications for immigration, tourists, and anyone else in the country.  We already collect DNA samples from everyone in the military and nobody has suggested that the information has been abused.


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16 April 2008

Students Press For Their Right To Carry Concealed

Over 25,000 students have joined a group demanding their right to defend themselves, even while at school.

Standing on the Cincinnati campus, Flitcraft calmly explained he is licensed to carry a weapon in Ohio. He wants to carry his gun on campus to defend himself from potential killers, but by law he can't.

"To me it makes no sense that I can defend myself legally over there," he said, pointing to the city streets. "But I am a felon if I step on the grass over here."

Of course, they don't have Police Chief Grady there... instead, they have this guy...


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15 April 2008

Around The Moronosphere

Once again, dpud has done an excellent job rounding up interesting links around the moronosphere.  Head on over to doubleplusundead and check them out.  Look for the link to the This Ain't Hell (again, go to dpud and click the link, you won't regret it... it starts with "Nutroots once again trying to ...") article.

Great work (as always) dpud!!

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13 April 2008

Thanks For The Endorsement, Now We'll Call You "Anti-Human Rights"

The Dalai Lama has gone out of his way to condemn the violent riots in Tibet, supported the Olympics being held in China, spoken against any interruption in the Olympic Torch Relay, and says that Tibet should always be considered a part of China.  How does that play in the official Chinese media?

"It is indeed the anti-human rights nature of the Dalai clique that impels the 'pro-Tibet independence' separatists to undermine China's stability and unity, disgrace China worldwide, and even sabotage the Olympic torch relay by all sorts of violent means," the English-language commentary said.

You can't ever do enough to satisfy totalitarian governments.  Ever.  There is an amusing side however.

and branded top U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi as "the least popular person in China" for her stance on Tibet.

They must watch Olbermann for style, even if they choose different content.

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