29 February 2008

OK, There is One Way I'd Vote For McCain

I've been pretty anti-McCain, I'll admit.  I have stated that I don't trust him and don't agree with most of his policies.  When forced to defend him, I've held my nose while doing so.  Up until now though, I have been adamant in my position that I would never, ever vote for him.

Now, I understand the "for the good of the Party" opinion... that's why I left the GOP.  I also understand the "but the other guy/girl is worse" argument, but I don't really see much difference.  And I honestly understand that "the enemy of the Good is the Perfect" and getting everything you want isn't always possible, but I didn't see much good interfering with perfection.

These last few weeks have been enlightening.  I've seen many fervent conservatives start to come around and back McCain.  The mood has seemed to shift from, "We're going to get killed in November" to "There's no way Obama can beat McCain."  On the other hand, I have not moved one millimeter, not one... until I had a thought today... a thought that would swing me around 180 degrees and ensure my wholehearted and unreserved support for McCain.

I want to be the next appointment to the Supreme Court.  I think people are tired of lawyers messing up the law.  We need a clear, conservative majority on the court and I promise never to waver.  If something is stupid/liberal, I'll call it that out loud and vote "NO", overpowering the liberal minority, shaming them into voting what should be common sense.  There won't be anymore Kelo Decisions, Hamdi, or other liberal lunacy.

Confirmation?  No problem.  I'm certain to get 95% of the American people behind me (the hardcore 5% of moonbats aren't going to change for anything since insanity is safe and pleasant for them, it's reality that's scary) and they will rise up to force my confirmation.  How do I intend to get such a vast majority of people to support me?  A little lesson I learned over at Ace's HQ... FY, NQ.  Any question asked by some idiot (more commonly referred to as Senator) gets that as my answer... Fuck You, Next Question.  I don't care if they're asking how old I am, it's FY, NQ.  That's something the American People will support because it shows I possess something that 99.99% of Washington D.C. doesn't... sense.  Sense enough to know that these jokers aren't qualified to judge anyone, much less a judge.

So, if John McCain wants my vote that's how he can get it.  If he has any questions... FY, NQ.

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27 February 2008

John McCain and the Swift Boat Veterans

Over at Little Green Footballs they're wondering:

Has anyone ever really shown that the allegations made by the Swift Boat Veterans against John F. Kerry were false? If someone has refuted the charges conclusively, I’ve never seen it—which makes John McCain’s continuing antipathy toward the Swiftboaters inexplicable:

In my opinion, it's pretty easily explained.  People have attacked John McCain's service with unfounded accusations of collaboration, incompetence, and covering up the continued presence of POW's in VietNam.  While I am no McCain fan, these lies and smears have been debunked many times.  Is it any wonder he objects to these types of attacks?  Ted Sampley is an excellent example of someone who makes a (dishonest) living off the pain and suffering of others.

Even when they're true (as I believe the Swift Boat Veterans' to be), giving legitimacy to the method is galling.  Election campaigns should be focused on the issues of today.  If accusations like these have merit, they should be brought out at the time.  To bring them out only for a campaign is unfairly prejudicial, as well as irrelevant.  John McCain is not my candidate, but his objection to these types of attacks is to his credit.  Now, if he'd only be as honest about his party affiliation and switch over to the Dems.

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26 February 2008

Hillary's New Campaign Strategy

This cracked me up.

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23 February 2008

Britannica Already Documenting the 2008 Elections

I think this came from the last debate...

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22 February 2008

Chelsea Clinton Stumps for Mom

Michelle Malkin over at Hot Air treats this with the dignity I expect (I'm a huge MM fan!) from her.  I really don't like it when partisans on either side bash someone's family.  The fact that Chelsea is dutifully supportive of her mother's campaign is both a credit to herself, and her parents.

I don't know what Chelsea's personal political philosophies entail and I really don't care.  She's on the stump for her mom, so reporting that is fair game.  Everyone should take note of Michelle's lead on this and how to do it with class.

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"Maverick" McCain's Media Mauling in Motion?

As Patterico noted, Allah has been on a roll with the good stuff. As I noted earlier, McCain is going to go from media darling to main dish at a feeding frenzy from now until November.
Good luck with that Senator.

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19 February 2008

Superdelegate Super Sale!!

And the hits just keep on coming in the Democratic Party primary race as Karl from Protein Wisdom posts about superdelegates receiving
"campaign donations" from the two remaining party candidates.  It's no surprise to me that this is going to be a bitter fight with accusations flying back and forth constantly.  It doesn't matter if these accusations are even true.  If they are, it's just business as usual on the Democratic Party Campaign Trail.  If they aren't, it's just business as usual on the... you get the idea.

(More below the fold including credits for the various parts making up this post.)

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18 February 2008

No Longer a Republican

Both my parents are Democrats and have been all their lives.  Growing up in Detroit with many family members employed by Ford Motor Company, or other union-affiliated companies (Pipefitters, Steel, Truckers, etc…) makes me very aware of how important unions are.  If companies gain too much power, the workers get shafted… big time.

(Look below the fold for the rest)

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