23 May 2008

The MSM On John McCain's Campaign

Here we go again.  Another day, another negative McCain story.

Republican John McCain has been slow to take advantage of his potential head start for the presidency against Democrats, who are better organized and generate more excitement among voters.

Hmmm..... anything in there about the divisive race among the Democrats?  Not really... they seem to assume Obama is the presumptive nominee despite neither candidate being able to clinch before the convention unless the other drops out.

The private frustration is starting to bleed into public fretting, especially as Democrat Barack Obama this week called together supporters in swing states for meetings about November. In Iowa, Colorado, Florida and elsewhere, aides and volunteers planned to meet soon about the fall's election — even before Obama has secured the necessary delegates to be the nominee.

Obama kept his storefront office in downtown Columbus after his March 4 primary loss and invited backers there Thursday "to discuss our plans for the coming weeks as we make the transition from the primary season to the general election campaign," according to the public invitation.

Of course, Obama's campaign makes the same assumption.  So how do they compare the two campaigns and their efforts thus far?

Donatelli said the campaign and the national Republicans will ramp up operations next month.

Before that happens, though, Obama supporters will have gone door to door to register hundreds of thousands of voters coast to coast, particularly in swing states.

It's all about how the story is framed... which is what McCain will be able to say after getting pounded in November.


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1 Okay,  I read that article a couple of times.  Maybe I need new glasses. But  how is describing that Obama is already organizing at the local level whereas McCain is waiting until at least next month biased?

Posted by: kishnevi at 23 May 2008@11:26:40 (gkwrQ)

2 (Why on Earth am I defending McCain? Oh yeah, I hate the MSM! )

The articledescribes the McCain campaign as slow, dull, unenthusiastic, and underfunded... while contrasting Obama as all positives and as the presumptive nominee.

McCain's campaign would hardly agree with how they are being characterized, and with new McCain stories (usually with a negative slant, granted) in the news every day (such as the speech in Florida that we both posted about), his campaign is clearly more active than they describe in the article.

The whole point is to make it look like McCain has squandered an opportunity to campaign heavily when he is in fact doing so. If he was more focused on the local level (which they admit would be unusual anyway), they would say that he ignored the big picture. Because he is doing the smart and standard campaigning for this stage of the election, they have to criticize him for not doing what nobody would do at this point... focus on local campaigning when he is not in play at the local level right now.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 23 May 2008@12:13:57 (Q5ggV)

3 What about this (from the article)?
"In a lot of the states, we had folks on the ground September of the year before," said Republican strategist Kevin Madden, who was Bush's chief spokesman for swing states during 2004. "We did it, literally, precinct by precinct, and folks were doing it street by street."

Obviously this year is different, but the principle is the same--local organization comes far out, in fact before the national campaign gets into stride.

And in 2004, it was the local organizing that was important, because it was turnout that was important.  I know here when I went to vote (Badnarik, virtous libertarian that I are) there was a long line (well, not enormous, but extremely long for that time of the morning), in which almost everyone was voting for Kerry. (This is Broward, and I live in one of the more heavily Democratic parts of Broward, which means lots of Democrats..)  I went home figuring that was a very good sign for Kerry.  And turnout was big in South Florida.  But we learned that night that turnout had been even heavier in North Florida, which is Republican territory, and heavy enough to beat the massive Democratic turnout.

So local organizing is a good thing, and if the Demoncrats are outorganizing the Repugnants locally--well, I guess the Repugnants have only themselves to blame.  But I think the point the article makes is legitimate criticism, not a sign of bias.

Posted by: kishnevi at 23 May 2008@18:14:10 (Mcbdi)

4 I would say that since McCain is already a nominee and Obama isn't, the article trying to give the impression that it's Obama's race to lose is far from legitimate.

McCain's campaign is hardly the disorganized mess that they describe and he does have supporters.  He's also been very active, even though most of what gets reported is cast negatively.  As I said before, it's going to worsen as the election nears and I'm pointing out the progression.  McCain (and most of the down-ticket GOP) is going to get stomped in November and more conservatives and libertarians get disgusted with his positions on the issues they care most about.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 23 May 2008@20:41:43 (Q5ggV)

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