23 March 2008

Keating Five Redux? Don't Think So

I am not a fan of John McCain.  Not at all.  I am less a fan of the MSM and hate dishonest smears against anyone., even those I disagree with politically.

McCain wrote two letters in late 1999 to the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of Florida-based Paxson Communications. He urged quick consideration of a proposal to buy a television station license in Pittsburgh, although he did not ask the FCC commissioners to approve the proposal. At the time, one FCC commissioner's formal nomination was pending before McCain's Senate committee, and the FCC chairman complained that McCain's letters were improper.

Why was it improper?  Because the FCC chairman felt pressured to do his job?  I think that's an appropriate use of Senatorial influence.  Telling someone it's time to make a decision is much different than telling them what the decision will/should be.

So who was this FCC Chairman?  According to wiki, it was
William E. Kennard, a Democrat from California who is now a member of the Board of Directors of Sprint Nextel Corporation,  The New York Times Company, Hawaiian Telcom and Insight Communications.  Funny how that "reaching across the aisle" only works one way, isn't it?  Democrats are all about the "bipartisanship" when Republicans do the reaching... the other way, not so much.

I've got to give McCain a pass on this.  The Keating Five scandal is still his to own however.

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20 March 2008

And Clinton Takes The Lead

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton pulled ahead of Barack Obama in polls of likely Democratic Party voters after the Reverend Wright scandal hit the news.  Several days later now, she is maintaining that lead.

Clinton overtook Obama in a daily Gallup tracking poll earlier this week and the latest survey showed her leading the Illinois senator 49 percent to 42 percent in the contest to select the Democratic nominee to face Republican Sen. John McCain in November.

I believe Hillary is going to go into the convention still trailing slightly in delegates.  Between the superdelegates that honestly believe she is more electable because she has momentum, the ones that she can persuade/pressure/blackmail into backing her, and the ones that won't give their vote to a black candidate under any circumstances, she's going to end up with the nomination.

At that point, watch for the sparks to fly and potential civil disturbance from those who think she was "selected, not elected" to the nomination.  As the Reverend Wright might have said, "We reap what we sow."  Of course, he would probably be talking about America being attacked, so it wouldn't be quoting... it would be plagiarism. Maybe that's where Obama learned it from.

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18 March 2008

Hillary To Release At Least Some Documents

The National Archives has announced that the majority of former First Lady Hillary Clinton's daily schedules will be released Wednesday.

The documents to be released include schedules for 2,888 days and are the files from Patti Solis Doyle, who was the former first lady's scheduling director.

If she's going to say she's more qualified based on her experiences as First Lady, there's a lot more that needs to be released.  The healthcare reform notes, telephone logs, and anything else where she has claimed to have influenced policy.

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16 March 2008

"Rush Democrats" Are A Bad Idea

Watching the Democratic primaries go through their meltdown has really been fun and it's not over yet.  But something has been bothering me about conservatives switching parties to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  Even if they're registered as an Independent, voting for someone you don't want to win is a bad idea.

I understand the strategic reasons for doing it and certainly can't dispute the results.  This has been as divisive a campaign season as I've ever seen, especially for the Democrats.  Keeping Hillary in has helped keep focus on the major flaws of the entire progressive movement.  This is fine as far as it goes... the more scrutiny the better.  I don't think Obama would have been hit nearly as hard on the Rezko connection, his wife's blunders, or his "spiritual adviser" if Hillary wasn't there to stoke the flames of identity politics.

I'm also going to avoid the, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it" reasoning.  You've probably also heard, "We need to be better than they are" speeches, "They do it too" excuses, "Ends justifies the means" platitudes, and the always-ready standby "That's politics" rationalization.  All of those have a measure of truth to them and are worthy of consideration.  None are very convincing to me however.

This is the biggest reason it is a mistake to cross-over and meddle in the Democratic primary.  One of the early statistics that so disheartened Republicans and convinced many that they had no chance in November was the sheer number of Democratic voters.  This trend has continued throughout the primary season... Democratic turnout has been pretty  consistently twice the Republicans, or higher.  That is unlikely to change because the Republican nomination is clinched and the Democrats' is still being fiercely contested.

The media and the nutroots see this huge turnout as validation of the progressive movement and are emboldened.  It makes the moonbats look more mainstream than they really are.  With "Rush Democrats" adding to these numbers, it's going to be difficult to advance a conservative agenda.  The progressives will feel stronger than they actually are and be less likely to give up an inch on any issue.  With the encouragement of the MSM at every step, the meme will be, "We're the majority, look at the numbers we turned out in support of our agenda."

With the Republican Party already abandoning conservative principles, why would we conservatives make things harder on ourselves?

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12 March 2008

You Know They Want To

The Iranian government is refusing to officially endorse a candidate for President of the United States.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini earlier this week announced that Iran's leaders will not support any U.S. candidate running for president, according to a report posted on IRNA, the country's official news agency.

Not yet anyway.  Wait until just before the election though.  We'll be seeing their "endorsement" very clearly.  Why don't I think it will be for the guy who sang, "Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb.bomb.Iran"?  I also don't think it will be a press release... just ask Spain.

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10 March 2008

Hillary Clinton VP Strategy

I've said on other blogs that I don't think Hillary would accept a VP slot, nor would she accept Obama as a running mate.  Now that she and Bill have suggested Obama join them to unite the party, it seems that Senator Obama has the same thoughts:

"I'm not running for vice president. I'm running for president of the United States of America" and commander-in-chief, Obama told a rally in Mississippi.

(Notice that the commander-in-chief portion is not within the quotation marks?  I wonder what that's about?  Creative quoting at its finest... gotta love the MSM.)

Anyway, I don't know what Senator Obama's real reasons are... they may be just as he has stated.  I do believe Hillary is too ambitious to accept a VP position on an Obama ticket.  If I'm wrong and she did decide to accept a VP slot, I agree with a lot of others that Michelle Obama had best take out some extra insurance, just in case.  Why wouldn't she pick him even though she and Bill have publicly floated just that?  Because she's also politically vindictive and sees Obama as pushing her out of turn.  She was the presumptive nominee for the Democrats for so long that she figures it's hers by right.

Offering the VP slot to Obama is political gamesmanship... I'm just not sure Senator Obama realizes how convoluted the game can really get.

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03 March 2008

Undermining Democracy Part 2

As I mentioned before, it is becoming standard for some people to challenge election results if you don't like the outcome, even without proof.  As long as they can rationalize the possibility of something wrong, they claim that it happened and must be investigated...

Independent observers highlighted a stream of violations, however, saying the media was censored, people were pressured to vote, absentee ballots were abused, and monitors were refused access to polling stations.

Zyuganov announced that he would appeal alleged violations in court.

or even have the results overturned.  I also mentioned that it is starting to happen even before the ballots are cast.

What solutions are there?  There is certainly no "one-size-fits-all" answer.  How about starting with anyone caught intentionally breaking the rules (committing fraud) being permanently disqualified from seeking office?  Anyone casting votes improperly disallowed from voting for three years?  Anyone intentionally suppressing legitimate votes disallowed for the same period, with a prison sentence to boot?  Developing a voting system with some accountability so that dead people don't vote, live people eligible to vote have their vote counted for who they chose, and live people who are not eligible to vote (illegal aliens, felons, etc...) are identified as such and turned in for violating election law?

Ideas?  Because if we don't stop people from undermining Democracy, we're not going to have one.

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02 March 2008

Jack Nicholson -- Huh?

Jack Nicholson gave his endorsement to Hillary Clinton.  No problem, I'm just not very impressed by celebrity endorsements.  This caught my eye though:

He was The Joker in Batman, but Jack Nicholson says he wasn't fooling around when he said in "A Few Good Men" that there was nothing sexier than saluting a woman.

Huh?  Looking at Wiki I don't see anything about military service.  He played a sociopathic Colonel in "A Few Good Men" and a couple of minor roles elsewhere.  What does he know about saluting that's real?  Nothing.

Welcome to the liberal world where perception equals reality... so they say.

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29 February 2008

OK, There is One Way I'd Vote For McCain

I've been pretty anti-McCain, I'll admit.  I have stated that I don't trust him and don't agree with most of his policies.  When forced to defend him, I've held my nose while doing so.  Up until now though, I have been adamant in my position that I would never, ever vote for him.

Now, I understand the "for the good of the Party" opinion... that's why I left the GOP.  I also understand the "but the other guy/girl is worse" argument, but I don't really see much difference.  And I honestly understand that "the enemy of the Good is the Perfect" and getting everything you want isn't always possible, but I didn't see much good interfering with perfection.

These last few weeks have been enlightening.  I've seen many fervent conservatives start to come around and back McCain.  The mood has seemed to shift from, "We're going to get killed in November" to "There's no way Obama can beat McCain."  On the other hand, I have not moved one millimeter, not one... until I had a thought today... a thought that would swing me around 180 degrees and ensure my wholehearted and unreserved support for McCain.

I want to be the next appointment to the Supreme Court.  I think people are tired of lawyers messing up the law.  We need a clear, conservative majority on the court and I promise never to waver.  If something is stupid/liberal, I'll call it that out loud and vote "NO", overpowering the liberal minority, shaming them into voting what should be common sense.  There won't be anymore Kelo Decisions, Hamdi, or other liberal lunacy.

Confirmation?  No problem.  I'm certain to get 95% of the American people behind me (the hardcore 5% of moonbats aren't going to change for anything since insanity is safe and pleasant for them, it's reality that's scary) and they will rise up to force my confirmation.  How do I intend to get such a vast majority of people to support me?  A little lesson I learned over at Ace's HQ... FY, NQ.  Any question asked by some idiot (more commonly referred to as Senator) gets that as my answer... Fuck You, Next Question.  I don't care if they're asking how old I am, it's FY, NQ.  That's something the American People will support because it shows I possess something that 99.99% of Washington D.C. doesn't... sense.  Sense enough to know that these jokers aren't qualified to judge anyone, much less a judge.

So, if John McCain wants my vote that's how he can get it.  If he has any questions... FY, NQ.

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27 February 2008

John McCain and the Swift Boat Veterans

Over at Little Green Footballs they're wondering:

Has anyone ever really shown that the allegations made by the Swift Boat Veterans against John F. Kerry were false? If someone has refuted the charges conclusively, I’ve never seen it—which makes John McCain’s continuing antipathy toward the Swiftboaters inexplicable:

In my opinion, it's pretty easily explained.  People have attacked John McCain's service with unfounded accusations of collaboration, incompetence, and covering up the continued presence of POW's in VietNam.  While I am no McCain fan, these lies and smears have been debunked many times.  Is it any wonder he objects to these types of attacks?  Ted Sampley is an excellent example of someone who makes a (dishonest) living off the pain and suffering of others.

Even when they're true (as I believe the Swift Boat Veterans' to be), giving legitimacy to the method is galling.  Election campaigns should be focused on the issues of today.  If accusations like these have merit, they should be brought out at the time.  To bring them out only for a campaign is unfairly prejudicial, as well as irrelevant.  John McCain is not my candidate, but his objection to these types of attacks is to his credit.  Now, if he'd only be as honest about his party affiliation and switch over to the Dems.

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