03 May 2008

What's The Opposite Of A Misogynist?

Because it's time men demand equal rights regarding stem cell collection.  Men have been denied for too long and it's got to change.  Nobody is advocating taking rights away from women, far from it.  They have exercised this right for so long that taking it away in an attempt to establish an artificial "fair playing field" would engender (pun intended) bitterness and frustration, resulting in a potentially violent backlash against men.  Better to have a truly level field where everyone can enjoy the benefits these stem cells may provide.

I propose that men gather for a mass demonstration of solidarity and brotherhood, demanding that we have the opportunities now available only to women.  Indeed, not once... not one single time in the history of mankind has a man been allowed what most women take for granted.

What do you say guys?  We could gather at the local grocery-store.  Maybe in the "pink and white" aisle?

h/t goes to Mike at Cold Fury (sorta)

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1 Very cool science, Stash, but you want...um...you're demanding - wut?!?
I mean, go ahead, Sir, knock yourself out - but it sounds improbable - heh. er, go ahead! I, um, gotta go now...


Posted by: sillyblindharper at 04 May 2008@02:35:41 (5+XEL)

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