16 April 2008

CNN Kowtows To China

China demanded CNN apologize for a commentator saying that the Chinese government was "basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years."  Of course, CNN obliged.

"It was not Mr. Cafferty's nor CNN's intent to cause offence (sic) to the Chinese people, and (CNN) would apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way," CNN said in a statement.

Of course, CNN has a history of appeasing despots and currying favor with totalitarian regimes.

On April 11, 2003, Jordan revealed that CNN knew about human rights abuses committed in Iraq by Saddam Hussein since 1990 and provided gifts (emphasis mine) to Saddam's family in a New York Times story called The News We Kept to Ourselves claiming the network refrained from coverage of them in order to gain better access to information on Hussein's government.

Is there any conceivable circumstance where CNN would apologize to President Bush for anything they said about his administration?  Especially if it was "demanded" from them?  And they call themselves the most trusted name in news.  If they had any integrity, they'd ... moot point, they don't.  Wankers.

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1 Wankers? No.  More fellatio-ists.  Err, whatever the formal term is.  I'm sure you understand the meaning.

Posted by: kishnevi at 16 April 2008@11:20:17 (Mcbdi)

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