15 May 2008

I'm A Moron, But At Least I Can Say "No!"

Is there anyone in the world smart enough to be President of the United States?  No way, the job is too complicated.  Everybody expects you to be an expert on every topic under the sun, including the moonbat subjects.  Now, I don't study moonbat, but I recognize it when it rears its ugly head.

I'm considered pretty smart by most folks and that's great.  I'm in MENSA, mostly because I thought it would be neat to join, and that's great too.  But I'm also a moron compared to how smart someone would have to be to truly qualify for POTUS.  So every candidate pretends to know more than they do because it's expected of them.  Admitting you are less than expert on a topic will draw focus from the MSM like moths to a flame (or Rosie O'Donnell to cake).


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Great Advice

Someone gave me some great advice recently.  I've edited it a bit and am passing it back with my thanks, concern, and respect for the person who gave it and seems to be in need.

1.  Do more than take a break.  You need to really de-stress and not just go through the motions.  Take a deep breath.  Take a hot shower or drink some hot tea and honey.  Watch a funny movie with your kids/spouse and REALLY LAUGH.   Laugh a lot, even if you don't feel like it.  That's very important for you and for your kids, because they know when parents are stressed.  And if everything works out, it won't do your kids much good to have a sick parent.

2.  At some point, you will need to calmly explain all your concerns to your attorney(s) so, in the next days, you need to think about your concerns and write them down as succinctly as possibleFor instance, one point might be that you are concerned they are asking you for documents you provided at the first meeting because it suggests they are not careful with your documents and/or sufficiently familiar with your file.

3.  I think it's a good idea to stop blogging for awhile.  Your mind has other things to think about right now.  All bloggers blog in fits and starts and it will still be here when you're ready.

You are loved. 

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10 May 2008

Getting Close To What A PMP Should Be


The article is over at Engadget, and the author thinks it's ugly.  Most of the comments disagree and so do I.  It looks just fine from here.  I like the Nintendo simulation and the SD card slot, but why on Earth does it have a camera?  They could have saved a lot of size by eliminating that.

The bulky PMP features a 4-inch 320 x 240 resolution display, support for NES emulation and text viewing, a 1.3-megapixel camera, integrated speaker / microphone, video output, USB 2.0 connectivity and compatibility with a smattering of file formats.


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