14 April 2008

Bush Administration To Prepare Global Warming Initiative?

One of the many things I disagree with John McCain about is his belief in global warming.  Or is it just called climate change now?  Since most of the data coming out now shows there is no global warming, that means man must be causing the Earth to cool, right?  Gotta love the moonbat logic.

Much of the world has jumped on the global warming (sorry, climate change) bandwagon as a means of gaining influence and power.  With the Democratic Party pandering to the far left and anti-American elements throughout the world, the Bush administration appears headed towards an attempt to head them off at the pass.

The administration also is trying to head off what it sees as a regulatory disaster. Environmentalists say greenhouse gases can be regulated under existing rules under the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act or the National Environmental Policy Act, and have filed lawsuits to try to force action. The Bush administration and others want to avoid a web of rules and regulations for businesses.

"The embedded regulatory trajectory that we're on is a train wreck," Mrs. Perino said. "For those who want reasonable and responsible action, it is worthwhile to have a constructive conversation as we work to keep the developing nations in this process in a way that will work to solve the problem without harming the economy."

I can see the reasoning, although I disagree.  Submitting an initiative takes the weight off the shoulders of every politician who knows global warming is a hoax because they can now lay everything on President Bush.  They are in a no-lose situation.  Pander to their base and get votes.  When attacked, they can say they're just following the President's lead.  Chris Horner, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming" says:

"There's a way to responsibly do this, but calling for a bill isn't it. Democrats — and all presidential candidates — desperately want Bush to take ownership of the issue before he goes, leaving them free of the burdens of responsibility for their rhetoric," Mr. Horner said.

He said Mr. Bush should have been spending the past two years pointing out that even as the U.S. reduces the rate of growth of carbon emissions, it is taking manufacturing jobs from Europe. Nations that adopted strict carbon emissions are facing economic consequences while finding the goals impossible to meet, he said.

Any initiative is going to be spun as support for the idea of global warming/climate change being caused by man.  I hope President Bush decides to stand fast and not hand the far left a huge propaganda victory for no gain for American or its people.

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