04 April 2008

But They Promised!!

China was awarded the Olympics largely based on their promise to improve their government position on human rights.

"It also betrays promises made by Chinese officials that human rights would improve in the run-up to the Olympics."

In 2001, China promised that if it won the right to host the Games, "tremendous" human rights improvements would ensue, a pledge repeated in October by Liu Jingmin, Beijing's vice-mayor and a top Games organiser.

How is that working out so far?  Well, let's ask Mr. Hu Jia... what?  He's not available?  Let's ask his wife then...

Hu's wife, Zeng Jinyan, 24, who recently gave birth to their first child and is also a prominent rights activist, said the verdict was the culmination of four years of harassment by authorities.

"He's been put under surveillance, been kidnapped. He's been put under house arrest and now they have sentenced him to three and a half years," Zeng told reporters outside the courthouse as she broke down in tears.

"This is irrational and unfair."

Well that just can't be... the Chinese government promised they wouldn't do things like that anymore.  What do they have to say about it?

Spokeswoman Jiang told the rights groups not to interfere in China's internal matters.

"We hope the relevant organisations can respect China's law and not interfere with China's internal affairs with the excuse of human rights," she said.

Human rights is just the excuse those organizations use to interfere with Chinese law and order... got it.  But when they make accusations against the United States, they're fighting fascism and torture... got it.  So how many people did Hu kill or wound?  None.  How much property was destroyed?  None.  How many riots or violent demonstrations did he lead?  None.  What got him thrown in jail for the next 3½ years?  Writing articles online... that's it.

Yep, good thing they got the Olympics or they might be doing poorly with that human rights things.  Way to go IOC... I hear Iran wants a chance to host the Olympics too.  Let me find that phone number for ya.


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