14 March 2008

Not Just A Number *UPDATED*

I'm not sure how long it wil be there, or if it constitutes Fair Use, so I'm just going to link to this and say "Bravo!  Well-played!!"

*UPDATE* To heck with it.  Maybe Gabriel Malor will stop by and let me know if commenting that the focus seems blurry to me and the font is a bit small, that constitutes Fair Use.  Probably not since this is an update and the intent to critique the image is now suspect.  If a copyright holder wants it down, email me and I'll take it down (I'll leave the link, you can deal with Engadget on your own) 


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Wow...  Read the text of the ad!  Loads on innuendo.


Well played, Virgin Mobile.  Well played.


And we'll ignore comments about whores and virgins for the moment. 

Posted by: swj719 at 14 March 2008@15:51:17 (xNyOl)

2 Or "You call the shots."? 

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 14 March 2008@16:08:48 (Q5ggV)

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