01 April 2008

Raul Castro -- What's His Game?

Since Fidel Castro stepped down, Raul Castro has implemented several changes in the way Cuba is run.

Since Raul Castro succeeded his ailing brother Fidel Castro last month,  Cuba has ended restrictions on Cubans buying computers, DVD players and cellular telephones.

Raul was in charge for a long time while Fidel was sick, actually looking more like a figurehead than the true leader of the country.  Can Raul really be this progressive at 76 years of age?  Their economy has taken some hits recently, especially in the tourism trade, so opening things up makes good economic sense.  What I didn't know before was that Cuba used one currency for paying locals (soft Cuban pesos) and another (hard Convertible pesos) currency for real goods and services.  This is never good.  Maybe the changes are the only way to avoid "Viva la revolution!!"?

I guess we'll see how far this goes.  In the meantime, I might start looking into a civilian contract position at Guantanamo.  If things bust wide open there, getting in early on some beachfront property could be a good idea.  Of course, with their good friend Chavez as an example, it would probably be Nationalized in six months anyway, so ... never mind, I'll stay where I'm at.

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