14 March 2008

Undermining Democracy Part 3

When you see a farce like this, it's not hard to understand why other complaints about elections seem more credible than they actually are.  That it's an intentional strategy to make Democracy seem unworkable seems pretty clear to me.

Iran's reformist movement, which seeks democratic changes at home and better ties with the West, was largely sidelined in the race after most of its candidates were barred from running by Iran's clerical leadership.

If you read the article you might notice that the Iranian government pulling all the shenanigans is being called "conservative"... which is technically correct.  Of course every single recent article reporting on this Iranian election has done the same thing, many times, over and over within the article... you might say gratuitously.  I wonder why that is?  Why would the MSM keep labeling them "conservative" instead of "religious extremists", "theocrats", or most accurately "radical muslims"?  The MSM doesn't have an agenda... does it?

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