18 February 2008

Wireless Amber Alerts

Child abductions are seriously scary.  You have almost certainly heard of Amber Alerts and may have even seen the overhead signs on highways that broadcast them.  What many people have never heard of is that you can get text messages of Amber Alerts in your area.  The service itself is free here, but you do have to pay any applicable text message fees through your carrier.  I've been signed up for these almost since they began.  It's a great service and not very intrusive since you only get alerts from your own specified area.  I seem to get an average of one or two each month, along with updates and when they are canceled... about 5-6 texts a month.

I don't have a financial interest here or personal history dealing with Amber Alerts.  I just think it's a great service and urge you to check it out.  Also, I just got one on my phone which is what brought it to mind.

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