14 May 2008

Sad Thing Is, He'll Probably Get His Wish

Hugo Chavez is "anxious" at the prospect of improved relations with the United States once a new President takes office.

Chavez, who rejects traditional U.S. influence in Latin America and has called the U.S. president 'the devil,' denied OPEC-member Venezuela represented a danger to Washington.

"Whoever the next president is and whatever party they are from, we aspire, we are anxious, that 2009 start with a new level of relations," Chavez said from an oilfield close to the Orinoco River.

With concrete evidence of his "relations" to FARC, the only improved ties the United States should establish is adding Venezuela to the list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

More on what the FARC computers contained can be found here.

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12 May 2008

This Is Supposed To Be A Surprise?

After being at war in Iraq for five years and almost seven years after 9/11, we're now seeing an increase in wounded veterans.

Increasing numbers of U.S. troops have left the military with damaged bodies and minds, an ever-larger pool of disabled veterans that will cost the nation billions for decades to come — even as the total population of America's vets shrinks.

Because we're supposed to fight wars without letting soldiers get hurt I guess.  As a disabled veteran (non-combat related), it's blindingly obvious to me that soldiers are going to get injured, especially when we're at war.  The more injured you have, the more it costs to take care of them.  Most of us accept that as the cost of preventing civilian casualties here at home, that's why we were in the military in the first place.

Worse wounds. More disabilities. More vets aware of the benefits and quicker to file for them.

Also, ironically, advanced medical care. Troops come home with devastating injuries that might well have killed them in earlier wars.


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10 May 2008

Isn't It Time They Got A Real Job?

People must get addicted to protesting.  Or it's a social function.  Maybe just a mental illness.  Whatever it is, they just can't seem to give it up.

"People walk past and say, 'I'm glad you're doing something,' " said Marty O'Malley, a Forest Hills council member who has attended more than 100 anti-Iraq war events, as he stood in front of Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle's Downtown office last week with the small gathering of activists.

"I want to shake them and say, 'Why aren't you doing something!?' "

Right back atcha Marty.  There were only three of you and nobody remembered to bring the petition?  FAIL!

"[The candidates] are talking about Iraq," said Tom Andrews, a former Democratic congressman from Maine and the national director of Win Without War. "Unfortunately, the press coverage seems to be more focused on lapel pins than on the war."

That should tell him that the war is going very well thank you.  If it wasn't, the media wouldn't let 30 seconds go by without saying something about it.


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Clerics To Ahmadinejad: "Umm.. Shut Up! M'Kay?" (Loose Translation)

Iranian clerics have told Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stick to worldly matter and stop talking about the "hidden imam".

Two leading clerics retorted that Ahmadinejad would be better off concentrating on Iran's social problems -- most notably its double-digit inflation -- than indulging in such mystical rhetoric.

"If Ahmadinejad wants to say that the hidden imam is supporting the decisions of the government, it is not true," sniped Gholam Reza Mesbahi Moghadam, the spokesman of the conservative Association of Combatant Clerics.

"For sure, the hidden imam does not approve of inflation of 20 percent, the high cost of living and numerous other errors," he said, according to the Kargozaran daily.

Ali Asghari, a member of the conservative Hezbollah faction in parliament, told the president not to link the management of the country to the imam.

"Ahmadinejad would do better to worry about social problems like inflation ... and other terrestrial affairs," Etemad Melli daily quoted him as saying.

If you're familiar with the military, this is known as advice to "Stay in your lane", and WWE fans might remember the Rock saying, "Know your role, shut your mouth".  Same thing.  Did anybody else notice that the AFP was careful to link "conservative" to Hezbollah?  That's their role I guess.

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08 May 2008

That's What They Can Prove Anyway

The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates told Pentagon reporters today that between 5 and 10 percent of those released from Guantanamo return to the fight.

"I was told today that the recidivism rate ... those who return to the battlefield, is probably somewhere between 5 and 10 percent -- maybe 6, 7 percent, something like that," Gates said.

"We don't have a lot of specific cases. We're talking about one, two, three dozen that we have data on," he told reporters at the Pentagon.

"We do as careful a vetting job as we possibly can before releasing these people," he said.

I think the numbers are much higher if you count planning and facilitating.  These numbers only include those who have been captured, killed, or announced themselves in the media (yeah, it's happened). 

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04 May 2008

You're Bugging Me

Battlefield Intelligence may get an small assist soon... and I do mean small.  The idea is to send in these guys first.  Developed for British troops, a trial run with prototypes is hoped for before the year is out.  I'm not sure how practical it is, but it's pretty darn cool.  How soon before the nutroots complain that our government will want them for domestic use?

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03 May 2008

Need A New PenPal? They Need You

Mike over at Cold Fury has gotten the story and it's starting to spread.  I found out about it from dpud who also has a quick write-up about it.  My kids are going to start writing and see if any of their church friends want to join in.

Let me tell you, not getting mail when you're deployed sucks.  Even when you've got other things that can take up your free time, getting mail always raises your spirits.  Even if you only send one letter, you've done something special that will get talked about a dozen times after they get home.

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An American Hero

Via Badgers Forward, DRJ over at Patterico's brings us the story of a True American Hero, Master Sergeant Brendan O’Connor, getting the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery in Afghanistan.

Incredible story that everyone should read.  Talk about the real deal!  Even 60 Minutes covered it.  If the MSM doesn't ignore military heroism, you know it's something very special.

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