30 March 2008

Sergeant Keith Matthew Maupin -- R.I.P.

The father of Sergeant Matt Maupin says the Army has informed him his son's remains have been identified in Iraq.

Lt. Lee Packnett, an Army public affairs officer in Washington, confirmed that the Maupins were notified Sunday that their son's remains had been identified. Packnett said an official statement about the identification would be released Monday.

Matt Maupin was a 20-year-old private first class when he was captured April 9, 2004, after his fuel convoy, part of the 724th Transportation Company, was ambushed west of Baghdad.

Prayers and condolences for the family and friends of Sergeant Maupin.  I sincerely hope his killers have already been sent to hell.

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26 March 2008

More Talk Of War

Hugo Chavez continues to accuse others of wanting war after he moved troops to his border with Colombia.  Now, it's John McCain.

"McCain seems to be a man of war too. He said yesterday that Bush has been very tolerant with Chavez. He's gone to Iraq to offer more weapons and more dollars — and more war," Chavez said. "God save us — and beyond God, may the people of the United States save us from greater madness."


He should be placed on the State Department's list of nations that are supporters of terrorism.  Period.

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25 March 2008

Chavez Is Upset Again *Corrected*

Hugo Chavez is upset again with Columbia, this time because the Defense Minister made a public statement that their raid into Ecuador that killed the #2 leader of FARC was justified.

"For the love of god, President Uribe, don't allow this. The government of Colombia is in your hands, send a message to the spokesmen of war," he told a cheering crowd.

When I wrote about this back on the 7th of March, I said that Chavez would look for any excuse to rekindle tensions as an excuse to invade Colombia.  I haven't seen anything yet to make that seem less likely.

Ecuador's attorney general said the government was considering trying Colombian officials in international courts for their part in the attack.

Because the international courts are bastions of justice.  Feh.

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22 March 2008

States Balk At Real ID

I can't help but notice that this article mentions some extremely weak objections to State ID Cards meeting a Federal Standard before being accepted at a Federal level.  If someone is entering a Federal Building or boarding a plane, their identity should be established in a reliable manner.

At issue is a law known as Real ID that would require new security measures for state-issued driver's licenses. The Bush administration says the law, passed after the Sept. 11 attacks, will hinder terrorists, con artists and illegal immigrants. Opponents say it will cost too much and weaken privacy protections.

And how much did 9/11 cost?  How about illegal aliens?  Voter fraud?  Identity theft?  Why would any responsible agency be resistant to reliable identification?  The argument about weakened privacy is just as flawed.   If they're talking about that information being accessed inappropriately, that happens now.  There is no reason to think that the information will be less secure and every reason to believe that misuse will be identified quicker than it is now because it can be cross-referenced faster.

What expectation of privacy should there be in boarding a commercial flight or entering a Federal Building?  Even without a Real ID standard identification card, any person can still fly or conduct their business inside a Federal Building once they've undergone a secondary screening.  If they don't like the idea of a secondary screening... get a Real ID compliant identification card or don't try to engage in activities that require reliable identification.

This should have been done a long time ago.  Nobody is being forced to get a particular ID card and it's not a National Registration.  All it's doing is making sure that a state driver's license will provide a reliable identification of that person... a minimum standard.  What good is an ID card that doesn't ID someone reliably?

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20 March 2008

But I Thought We Went To War For The Oil?

Barack Obama said today that the Iraq War was to blame for higher oil prices in a slumping economy.

"When you're spending over $50 to fill up your car because the price of oil is four times what it was before Iraq, you're paying a price for this war," Obama said. "When Iraq is costing each household about $100 a month, you're paying a price for this war."

So if we went to war for cheap oil, why are prices going up?  Of course, if prices had gone down, he would blame the Iraq War for hastening Global Warming, right?  Nothing is so good that it can't be spun negatively... against America if possible.  What a tool.

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Shhhh.... It's Secret

Plans for the new headquarters of Canada's Counter-Terror Unit were found in a trashcan in Ottawa.

The 26 blueprints, bearing a Department of National Defense stamp, reportedly show everything from the location of the security fence to the floor plan of the new home of the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

Did Sandy Burger get a work visa to Canada and nobody noticed?

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Hamas Terrorists Fail Mid-Terms, One Gets An "Incomplete"

Two Palestinian terrorists blew themselves up after "mishandling" explosives at a training center.

Palestinian militants accidentally set off a large blast at a Hamas training base in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing two members of the violent Islamic group and wounding another, a Palestinian medical official said.

Too bad it wasn't during the comprehensive final exam, but splodey-dopes should always be this competent.  Preferably in large peer-group sessions.

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18 March 2008

Olympic Boycott?

This is a good idea, but why are the Olympics being held in China in the first place?  What did the selection committee think would happen?  If they treated China as a responsible nation they would start to act like one?

Moves to punish China over its handling of violence in Tibet gained momentum Tuesday, with a novel suggestion for a mini-boycott of the Beijing Olympics by VIPs at the opening ceremony.

Having the Heads-of-State skip the Opening Ceremonies would send a great message.  I like this even better:

U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Darryl Seibel said there are no rules forcing athletes to attend opening ceremonies.

The Olympic rules forbid any open protest or political expression by the individual athletes, and rightly so.  They are there to compete and represent their country, not to try and set foreign policy.  They can protest or give interviews all they want before and after the Olympics, but should keep their personal politics to themselves while competing. 

I like the thought of everyone skipping the Opening Ceremonies, athletes and world leaders, but it should be an individual decision and they should keep their reasons to themselves until after the Games are over.

Final Question:  Why is this idea coming out from the European Union? 

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17 March 2008

Just For Self-Defense

The 57-year-old man who was in a coma after being exposed to a deadly poison in his hotel room has told his brother it was just "for self-defense".

"He just confirmed that it was not intended for anybody," Erich Bergendorff said in a telephone interview from his home north of San Diego in Escondido "It was something that would be used for his own purposes, for self-defense."

Ricin is illegal for individuals to make or possess any reason.  Saying it was for self-defense is ludicrous.

Police say they also found firearms in the room, along with castor beans — from which ricin is derived — and four "anarchists cookbooks" in the room, marked at sections describing how to make ricin. But officials have said they have not found evidence in the motel room or elsewhere of contamination and have downplayed the possibility that Roger Bergendorff posed a threat.

Nope, just a patriotic American attempting to exercise his Second Amendment rights and being oppressed by our fascist government.  I really hate the MSM... really.  They'll downplay domestic terrorism because
'that's what the police told them'... but call the police and the administration liars and incompetents when the story disturbs their narrative.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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15 March 2008

Give Chavez What He Wants

South American thug Hugo Chavez wants to be put on the United States' list of "State Sponsors of Terrorism" so they "can shove it".

"They threatened to put us on the list of terrorists that they've got there. Great, let them make their list and shove it in their ... pocket," Chavez said with a pause for comic effect.

Interesting.  I've written before about this dictator here, and here, and here.  Notably (perhaps only to me, heh), in the comments of that last post I stated:

By putting them on the list, we stop buying their oil. Stop buying their oil, their economy takes the hit. The economy takes the hit, the people take a more active role in removing the problem, which is Chavez.

If they're already disaffected with his policies because it screws up their lives, they're going to become more disaffected if continuing his policies screw up their lives even further. Nationalism isn't going to save him because he's beaten that horse to death already. Besides, they are a state sponsor of terrorism, let's call it as we see it and let the chips fall where they may. That's the morally courageous path.

"Please don't throw me in that briar patch! put me on that State Sponsor of Terrorism List!"  Br'er Rabbit Chavez doesn't want on that list because then we don't buy his oil.  The thing to do is, give him what he says he wants and let him reap that harvest.

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