23 May 2008

The MSM On John McCain's Campaign

Here we go again.  Another day, another negative McCain story.

Republican John McCain has been slow to take advantage of his potential head start for the presidency against Democrats, who are better organized and generate more excitement among voters.

Hmmm..... anything in there about the divisive race among the Democrats?  Not really... they seem to assume Obama is the presumptive nominee despite neither candidate being able to clinch before the convention unless the other drops out.

The private frustration is starting to bleed into public fretting, especially as Democrat Barack Obama this week called together supporters in swing states for meetings about November. In Iowa, Colorado, Florida and elsewhere, aides and volunteers planned to meet soon about the fall's election — even before Obama has secured the necessary delegates to be the nominee.

Obama kept his storefront office in downtown Columbus after his March 4 primary loss and invited backers there Thursday "to discuss our plans for the coming weeks as we make the transition from the primary season to the general election campaign," according to the public invitation.


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22 May 2008

Justice Denied

The guy commits murder and confesses.  Sentenced to death, he gets a delay while the Supreme Court decides whether lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.  After the Supremes decide that things don't have to be guaranteed perfect (paraphrasing there) for them to be Constitutional, an execution date is scheduled.  Two hours and thirty minutes before he's to be executed, a phone call comes in... is it the Governor?

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21 May 2008

Links Around The Moronosphere

Some very good offerings today... from photoshops (S.Weasel!!), to e-card fun at The Pillage Idiot, to another example from the "Religion of Perpetual Offense" at The Drawn Cutlass, and more.

Make sure to leave a comment at doubleplusundead's to let him know how appreciated his hard work is.  If he stops, then I'll have to do it... and that would suck. 

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That's Gonna Leave A Mark

John McCain's chief media consultant has left the campaign because he doesn't want to work against Obama.

Mark McKinnon, the chief media consultant to McCain, wrote in a campaign memo last year that if Obama won the Democratic nomination, he would not actively campaign against him. With the results of Tuesday night's primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, Obama claimed he had a majority of convention delegates.

Even though Obama hasn't been named the nominee, McKinnon decided to leave now anyway... although he promises he's still going to vote for McCain.

He said last year that he didn't want to work against an Obama candidacy. Electing Obama "would send a great message to the country and the world," McKinnon said at the time, although he added that he intended to vote for McCain.


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Iranian Teen Permitted To Remain In UK

Remember the Iranian teen who went to the UK for school and was almost deported after requesting asylum?  I first wrote about it here, then had a follow-up post here.  He feared being returned to Iran because while he was at school his boyfriend was found out and executed for being a homosexual.  The young man's appeal has been granted and he will now be able to avoid his own execution by the Iranian government.

The U.K. Border Agency said on Tuesday that Mehdi Kazemi will be allowed to remain in Britain.  Kazemi came to England to study English in 2005. He discovered his boyfriend had been charged in Iran with sodomy and hanged.

This should have been a no-brainer, but the end-result is good.

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New Meaning Of The Word Violence

According to the Associated Press, this is the "latest act of violence" by Orthodox Jews against Christian missionaries.  How many were killed or injured again?

Make your guess, click the button to find out how close you came,

then read the story to see how fair the AP is.  More below the fold.


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20 May 2008

What Media Bias?

Two stories came up on the Reuters feed at the same time just now.  One was about Obama, and one was about McCain.  They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Just contrast this...

Obama to take big step in Democratic race

Obama expects to claim a majority of pledged delegates won in state-by-state races after Tuesday's returns, but he will still be about 75 short of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination without further help from superdelegates -- party officials who are free to back any candidate.

With this...

McCain to mark Cuban day with new attack on Obama

Obama's vow to hold direct talks, without preconditions, with leaders of countries hostile to the United States, including Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba, has given McCain a broad opening to attack Obama over foreign policy.

He pounded Obama on Monday for pledging to meet the leader of Iran, saying to do so would reward a government in Tehran dedicated to destroying U.S. ally Israel.

At a town hall meeting in Miami, McCain planned to accuse Obama on Cuban Independence Day of wanting to soften the decades-old U.S. embargo against the communist government of Cuba.

Any difference in tone or content?  It seems like it to me.  Not only that, the McCain story is more about Obama than McCain.  The pro-Obama story mentions McCain briefly...

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19 May 2008

New Addition To The Blogroll

Very intelligent and insightful.  This could very well end up being on your daily "must read" list.  Check out kishnevi's blog, "Horseman, Pass By!".  You have my money-back guarantee* that you won't be disappointed.

* Money-back guarantee only applies if you don't pay any money, don't ask for money from me or your parents, or in any way imply you're gonna make some money off the guarantee.  Void where prohibited... which is everywhere.  Parse it all you want, just don't expect any coin, m'kay? 

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18 May 2008

Oh Noes!!!! We're Doomed!

Prince Charles is the latest "big-name" (feh!) to get sucked-in by the global-warming/climate-change/AGW/muddy-thinking imbeciles and proclaim that unless something is done RIGHT NOW!!!!, catastrophe will strike us all down.

"We will end up seeing more drought and starvation on a grand scale. Weather patterns will become even more terrifying and there will be less and less rainfall," he said.

"We are asking for something pretty dreadful unless we really understand the issues now and [the] urgency of them." The Prince said the rainforests, which provide the "air conditioning system for the entire planet", releasing water vapour and absorbing carbon, were being lost to poor farmers desperate to make a living.

So, how much money is it going to cost to avoid all the children and little puppies getting killed by "weather"?

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17 May 2008

Senator Kennedy In The Hospital

Just heartfelt wishes for his speedy recovery and retirement.  Not even going to link a story because there aren't really many details beyond possible stroke or seizure and he was able to call his family.  Prayers for his family please.

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