11 March 2008

But Wait... Haven't We Been in a Recession? Part 3 *UPDATED* *UPDATED AGAIN*

I just can't help pointing out how the MSM thinks we're all idiots by floating one doom and gloom story after another.  It must have really hurt them to put this out:

Economists see US avoiding recession

"We don't see that happening," said Edward Leamer, director and co-author of the forecast released Tuesday. "This is a tough call, but I will be very surprised if this thing actually precipitates into recession."

But all is not lost... they find a way to look on the "bright side":

A recession could still happen though, if the credit crisis that has stifled the housing market deepens

Glad to see they're still looking out for us.  I would just ignore this as typical behavior from our 4th estate/5th column "deciders", but the United States economy is vastly influenced by confidence.  Investors, Consumers, and Producers with confidence will make the economy grow even when things don't go perfectly.  Shake that confidence and it doesn't matter how well our industries run, jobs increase, crops get harvested, etc... the economy is going to take a hit.  The MSM intentionally tries to shake confidence in the U.S. economy trying to damage the administration.  It's just one more reason to despise the media.

*UPDATE*  I figured out why they had to print some good news today... I hadn't looked at the stock market results yet.  More on the Dow here.  Heh.
*UPDATE X2*  That certainly didn't last long.  Imagine my surprise.  Sigh.

"The evidence has built to the point that it is now beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.S. economy has entered recession," said Scott Anderson, a senior economist at Wells Fargo & Co. in Minneapolis.

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