15 May 2008

I'm A Moron, But At Least I Can Say "No!"

Is there anyone in the world smart enough to be President of the United States?  No way, the job is too complicated.  Everybody expects you to be an expert on every topic under the sun, including the moonbat subjects.  Now, I don't study moonbat, but I recognize it when it rears its ugly head.

I'm considered pretty smart by most folks and that's great.  I'm in MENSA, mostly because I thought it would be neat to join, and that's great too.  But I'm also a moron compared to how smart someone would have to be to truly qualify for POTUS.  So every candidate pretends to know more than they do because it's expected of them.  Admitting you are less than expert on a topic will draw focus from the MSM like moths to a flame (or Rosie O'Donnell to cake).

The problem is, candidates begin to believe their own rhetoric.  They forget that they don't know squat about the economy, or the Middle East, or maintaining roads.  Then, they make decisions based on the advice of others who may not know squat either.  These decision become their political platforms and morph into campaign promises.  Then if they're elected, they have to at least pay lip service to those promises to avoid getting hammered (hint:  they're always going to get hammered!  Remember "Read My Lips"?)

The job of President should be more about saying "No!" than anything else.  It is a co-equal branch of government and should be putting the brakes on the stupidity of the other branches.  It should be adversarial in nature, only aligning when the result makes things simpler for citizens... not harder.  If the average American can't have it explained to them in less than five pages, it's way too complicated for government to be messing with.  It's better left to the private sector or public organizations to handle, depending on what you're talking about.  Otherwise, you need a license to cut hair or paint a house, which is what we have now.  Too much regulation, too much government, and too much politicking has led to a dampened economy, a tax code that nobody fully comprehends (including the government) but the government holds each of us accountable to the letter of the law, and the intrusion of the State into areas they have no business going.

Why is Arlen Specter, or any congressman, allowed anywhere near the NFL or baseball?  Why are pork-barrel politics the norm?  Why should government get a dime from money I've earned and paid taxes on, just because I want my children to have it if I die?  Why are there hearings on whether the Federal Prosecutor firings were politically motivated or not?  Even if they were, that's not illegal... they serve at the pleasure of the President... full stop, end of discussion. 

The Legislature wastes so much taxpayer time and money they should go into hiding.  Instead, they brag about how much they can get and how much power they have.  Nobody tells them "No".

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1 Elections are supposed to be the voter's way of telling representatives what is wanted.  But attention spans are so short that a clever pol can basically stay in office for the rest of his/her life.

I'm all for "serve a term, get out".  If you can't get your act together and do something valuable in a term then you ought not be there -and- your goal ought to be to start paring the law books back down to a size that a human can actually handle.

I don't WANT my reps to be so familiar with the system that they forge great behemoth structures that are so convoluted that no one can follow them

It's "career" politicians who have no idea what it is like to live the life of an "average" person.  Think any of the three liberals running for the office of POTUS  know thing one about what it's like to live on a shoestring budget right now?   Somehow you have to give them an incentive to do a good job and a penalty for not doing what they said they were going to do.

Posted by: Lemur King at 18 May 2008@13:41:21 (sWPyf)


Why is Arlen Specter, or any Congressman, allowed anywhere near the NFL or baseball?

Because of anti-trust laws. Sports drafts would be totally illegal if they didn't have an exemption. Imagine if coming out of college you could be "drafted" by a company and you would have to work for that company or not at all?

So because they have anti-trust laws allowing them to break other laws, Congress has to, and should, keep their eyes on them.

Saying that, this is moronic. If they want to investigate anti-trust against the NFL, they should start with the fact that you can only get the football package from one tv provider and it's a satellite provider. I couldn't get it for a couple years because my apartment faced east. They also might want to investigate how they came to "award" games to the NFL network. The official story seems to be that they "outbid" the others, which is pretty darn funny. In other words, they agreed to pay themselves a gajillion dollars for allowing themselves to broadcast the games to fewer people than ESPN or ABC could have reached.

But today's politicians don't want to fix problems, they want to work on problems, the higher profile the better.

Posted by: Veeshir at 19 May 2008@11:28:19 (ThMnZ)


Hi Veeshir,

I think sports drafts should be legal, but only for those althletes who enter it voluntarily.  Anyone wanting to forego the draft should be able to have a "walk-on" tryout with whichever team they choose, whenever they choose.  Government has no business getting involved.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 19 May 2008@11:44:38 (Q5ggV)

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