11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

A Mother's Day Fable

The kids prepare to surprise Mom for Mother's Day...


Suddenly, a problem develops...


Mom steps in to do what she does better than anyone...


And another successful Mother's Day comes to a close!


To all the Moms...

Happy Mother's Day!

(To my wife, Mom, and Grandmother... *smish*)

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1 Thank you, kindly, Gentle Stash. 
Warm regards to the mothers in your life, Sir.

Posted by: sillyblindharper at 11 May 2008@03:25:12 (5+XEL)

2 I hope you have enjoyed your day Gentle Lady.  You are one of the mothers in my life so regards and a big *SMISH* to you as well (DV8 can stand in for me, right?)

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 11 May 2008@18:55:45 (Q5ggV)


Not bad. My mother thanks you for the post Stashiu.

I sure as hell couldn't link her to MY Mother's Day post, so I thank you as well.

Posted by: Old Iron at 12 May 2008@00:34:05 (tD0Cq)


Strange, my Mom loved yours. 

You're quite welcome my friend.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 12 May 2008@00:48:42 (Q5ggV)


Glad she did. I got a little mad when I heard about what Planned Parenthood was doing, and anger being an extremely powerful force for creativity I kinda went a little overboard with my response.

 I did eat some pretty big Nigerian shrimp yesterday which helped to calm me down a bit. I have a pic on the site of them, and trust you me they are the biggest prawns I have ever seen.

Posted by: Old Iron at 12 May 2008@07:06:30 (tD0Cq)

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