02 May 2008

Returning Tomorrow

Due to overwhelming demand and improving health, I will return to regular posting tomorrow.  The overwhelming demand of course comes mostly from my wife and kids, as my wife is getting nervous watching my fingers twitch in keyboard withdrawal and the kids want to do their own homework (thankyouverymuchI'veegotitDadwhydon'tyourunalongandwritesomething?).  I know they appreciate the help when it's needed, but the "extras" might be more an incentive towards figuring it out themselves most of the time.

Extras would include changing the variables on problems "just to make sure you're clear on the principles being taught", moderate-to-long discussions on how this might ever apply in the real world (just the algebra examples can let me go on for hours without even trying), or "extra credit" that the teacher might not be expecting (like we did last night making geometric shapes out of paper cutouts as 3-D representations of geometry problems.)  If I had been that diligent about my own homework in school, I probably wouldn't have so much fun when I do get to help with theirs!  (heh)

The improvement in health can be directly attributed to the great support we've received from so many people.  The prayers, advice, and donations have pushed a lot of dark clouds over the horizon and the skies are steadily clearing.  Thank you all... the rest and recovery I've been able to take the past few days has been qualitatively better than it has for several months.  When doubleplusundead suggested asking for help after reading my "burnout" post, then began working tirelessly on getting the word out, I felt like a great weight had been lifted off that I hadn't even noticed was there.

I won't ever be able to repay the individuals who gave their time, wisdom, and money to help my family.  There are just too many, most of whom chose to remain anonymous angels.  I do promise that when all the legal dust has settled and things are stable again, we will pay everyone's kindness forward and help others in need.  Things are going to be tight for a while still, but I know we'll get through everything now.  Failing is not an option when you have angels watching over you.

Be well and bless you all.

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1 Glad you're doing a bit better, we'll keep plugging for you, we know this is gonna be a long process.  

Posted by: doubleplusundead at 02 May 2008@16:18:45 (ZuzXA)

2 This is good news, Gentle Stash. We both know that angels have been taking lessons from you for a long time, Sir.
Sorry that it has come with trials for you but we're grateful for a chance to earn any points toward our wings...
Glad to see you back!

Posted by: sillyblindharper at 02 May 2008@18:56:08 (5+XEL)

3 I identify with your homework story.  I'm afraid my kids do, too.

Posted by: DRJ at 02 May 2008@19:20:23 (wE7Og)

4 I terrible when it came to doing homework until college, then I always did, or if it was math, tried to.

Posted by: doubleplusundead at 02 May 2008@19:31:58 (ZuzXA)

5 isn't that the most wonderful thing about being part of a community?

you're there when they need you... and they're there when you need them.

of course you'll "pay it forward." you've been paying it forward all your life, Stash.

Posted by: Ottavarima at 02 May 2008@23:06:09 (W0kvf)

6 Kick ass that you are feeling better. You need anything else let me know bud.

Posted by: Old Iron at 03 May 2008@11:32:19 (tD0Cq)

7 Stash! I am so happy that you are back. We're here for you. Truly it is you who are the angel.

Posted by: Starry Fruit at 03 May 2008@11:38:50 (3wKL/)

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