08 May 2008

Welcome Conservative Grapevine Readers!

How the hell did that happen?  Welcome... take a look around, feel free to drop a comment or two, check the links... whatever, it's pretty relaxed here. (yeah, right... until a rant or meltdown occurs).

I've never been an "Of The Day" anything before... tastes like chicken.  Just sayin'

Thanks to Conservative Grapevine and John Hawkins of Right Wing News for the link.

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1 Nice.... heck with that.  It'd be great to be MotD officially for once, instead of my usual unofficial status. 

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 08 May 2008@16:19:59 (Q5ggV)


It's funny but nobody's anybody in the blogosphere until after they've quit blogging.

I'm sure there's some morality play in there.

Posted by: Veeshir at 09 May 2008@11:03:18 (zXUuJ)


I've been wondering lately if there is any event that the moronosphere has where everyone gets together in a real sense and do something, preferrably drinking and chasing women.

Has anything like that been thrown together before?

Posted by: Old Iron at 10 May 2008@08:02:50 (tD0Cq)

4 If anyone knows, dpud probably would.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 10 May 2008@12:17:30 (Q5ggV)

5 There are a few meetings of the Morons over the course of the year, Ace usually holds the yearly Ace-a-palooza in NY in late summer or early fall, and sometimes meets up with morons at things he gets invited to like CPAC.  IB had a pretty good get together last year, a few of the Hostages went too.

Posted by: doubleplusundead at 10 May 2008@23:27:16 (ZuzXA)

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