21 April 2008

Dr. Sanity On Paranoia And Projection

When I first started reading blogs, I spent a lot of time on "progressive" sites trying to understand their reasoning.  As I kept hearing about the coming "Bush Theocracy" and how fascist our government was becoming, with any dispute being attacked or mocked hysterically, I stopped even reading them.  I couldn't understand why discussion over disagreements was impossible.

Dr. Pat frequently gives the answers and does so again today.

Don't expect a rational response to such questions. Questions like that only elicit further complicated conspiracy theories that are constructed around all of the shibboleths of the left (many of which have evolved into dogma since 9/11)--anti-capitalism; multilateralism; multiculturalism; poverty; victims of US imperialism; anti-Americanism etc. etc. If you put all the conspiracy theories together you will find a concatenation of bizarre and often contradictory components that should make any reasonably intelligent person roll on the floor with hoots of laughter.

It would be reasonable to laugh if it weren't so pervasive in Democrat elected officials.

In the last six and a half years, there has not been a single action by the Bush administration in the war on Islamofascism that has not been deliberately undermined and actively opposed, spun, and exploited for political gain on their part. They seem particularly confused about events in Basra with the Sadr militia. Perhaps as Wretchard points out, "The NYT wonders why the media-consensus "winner" simply refuses to "win". Maybe it's because he isn't winning at all, but losing."

Talk about being in a Vietnam-type quagmire--the Democrats, the political left, and their media outlets are solidly stuck in that Vietnam era mindset where they can't see anything but defeat and humiliation for the US. They wish, anyway.

The Democrats and their liberal left members maintain that it is Bush and his supporters that are playing fast and loose with politics; and that they are using fear to manipulate America so that they can establish a fascist/theocratic state.

We're still waiting for that imposition of theocracy by the BushHitler. He better hurry since he only has a few months in office left.

Read the entire article and watch Dr. Pat tie in leftist media attacks on the economy and other issues.  She really needs to write a book on this stuff.

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It's funny, I'm always, always, always accused of being a Bush sycophant who can see nothing bad in anything he does and the lefty talking to me is just using his intellect to figure out the truth.

Funnily enough, I don't agree with everything Bush has done, I've been furious on occasion, and said lefty cannot find anything, not one thing, that Bush has done that he/she/it agrees with.

It's funny how the intellectually free are such lemmings while sycophants and myrmidons of the Bush Theocracy seem to have more.... nuanced opinions.

Posted by: Veeshir at 21 April 2008@15:44:20 (ThMnZ)

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