19 April 2008

I Thought Government Had To Solve These Problems

I must have read this article half-a-dozen times looking for the angle.  It's from CNN, right?  There has to be one.  Ham-handed rhetoric slipped in about illegal-immigration, taxes, the economy, the administration, religion, drugs, guns... something.  I can't recall CNN ever doing a straight report about a positive topic.  Until now, apparently.  Meet Maria Ruiz:

There, for the first time, she saw poverty in the extreme. People lived in homes made of wooden pallets. The elementary school was built of makeshift materials and had no running water or electricity. Teachers told her that many children were failing because they were hungry.

"My heart went out to those kids," Ruiz recalled. "I couldn't just cross my arms and turn away from it. I needed to do something."

She convinced local businesses to donate goods and made the trips down to Juarez to help.  Read the entire article to see how one person can make a difference.  A truly remarkable woman and equally remarkable article that didn't take an opportunity to advance an agenda.  Credit where it's due, nice job CNN.

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1 Just stopping by to see how you are tonight, Gentle Stash.  Thanks for the uplifting news article.


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