23 May 2008

I'm Not A Mac User, But... This Is Funny!

I love these commercials.  And Vista does suck.

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1 Vista is singing the blues, that's for sure. Corporate customers are holding out for the next OS after XP, and even Microsoft has redirected its attention to the Next Gen, from what I understand. I only know what they tell me, though --- not an expert.

Posted by: Starry Fruit at 24 May 2008@08:04:00 (3wKL/)


OSX FTW!!!!!

Ahem! Sorry, had to get that out. I am not one of those rabid mac users but I do like them better than the vista machines I have played with. I kept getting flash backs of windows ME and how bad that OS was.

The only thing that sucks about macs is the price. They are pretty expensive and alot of people just don't need all of the stuff that they can do. Oh, and not to mention that you can't get the same software for them like you can get for a PC. Eh, good and bad.



Posted by: Old Iron at 24 May 2008@09:49:28 (tD0Cq)

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