22 May 2008

Justice Denied

The guy commits murder and confesses.  Sentenced to death, he gets a delay while the Supreme Court decides whether lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.  After the Supremes decide that things don't have to be guaranteed perfect (paraphrasing there) for them to be Constitutional, an execution date is scheduled.  Two hours and thirty minutes before he's to be executed, a phone call comes in... is it the Governor?
No, it's the clemency board and they've just converted his sentence from death to life without parole.  With no question about his guilt and a jury of his peers sentencing him to death in a capital crime.  This should not be allowed in the future.  Remove these bleeding-heart idiots from their jobs and make a new rule for their replacements.  If they want to save someone from the death penalty, one of the board members has to take their place.  If they really believe that a cold-blooded murderer deserves to live, then one of them can pay that part of the price.  The murderer can then stay in prison for the rest of their natural life, contributing just as much (at much greater cost) to society as if they had been executed.

See how many get spared then.

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