10 May 2008

Getting Close To What A PMP Should Be


The article is over at Engadget, and the author thinks it's ugly.  Most of the comments disagree and so do I.  It looks just fine from here.  I like the Nintendo simulation and the SD card slot, but why on Earth does it have a camera?  They could have saved a lot of size by eliminating that.

The bulky PMP features a 4-inch 320 x 240 resolution display, support for NES emulation and text viewing, a 1.3-megapixel camera, integrated speaker / microphone, video output, USB 2.0 connectivity and compatibility with a smattering of file formats.

Has anyone ever bought something from Newman?  I've got a Zune that I'm very happy with right now and I've never been an iPod fan, but 250GB of hard drive is awesome.  If this is a decent company it will probably sell a lot of these, then maybe the third or fourth generation Zune will have something close to the same specs.  By then the oldest son should be working as a nurse and Father's Day comes every year... (if you're reading this son, wait until you graduate and start working, I like the Zune I have... for now.  Heh.)

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