23 February 2008

Professional Sports on Television

My wife says that I can be extremely stubborn.  I call it principled (I just call it that, it's mostly just being stubborn.)  One of the problems with that is when I tell a business that I won't patronize them again, I really won't.  Ever.  For example, Office Max is on "the list" because of a customer service rep I dealt with back in 1995 or so when I purchased a defective computer desk.  So here it is, 13 years later and I still hold a grudge stick to principle.  "The List" is pretty long actually (it includes Target, John McCain, Rosie O., Jane Fonda, Michael Moore, the Dixie Chicks, anything with a Sheen in it, and CNN to name a few), but there are only two things on it that I really wish weren't there.

Professional sports is a business also.  When baseball went on strike, I had no beef until the World Series was canceled.  That made it clear to me that both the players and the owners were more interested in the money they made than pleasing the fans who gave them their money and I haven't watched a game since.  After the 88-89 NBA lockout, I gave up on professional basketball.  The NFL was spared banishment from my TV simply because I completely missed their strike in 1982 (I won't say alcohol was involved, but I won't say it wasn't either... just sayin').

So essentially, I only like watching the occasional NHL game (go Red Wings!), and the NFL (go Lions! please, just one season, go Lions!), Golf, Soccer, Tennis, MMA, Darts, Bowling....... ok, if I'm watching TV it's almost always sports.  Just not pro basketball or baseball.  It's the principle.

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