06 April 2008

Taliban Commander Captured

This is good news from Afghanistan.

Police arrested Taliban commander Abdul Jabar on Saturday in the most significant capture of a militant for some time, the Interior Ministry said.

Jabar, who the government said organized attacks in the south, was captured while on his way towards Pakistan. He was a deputy of Mullah Mansour Dadullah, a prominent Taliban commander captured in Pakistan in February, it said.

My advice:  Don't let him go to the bathroom.  Wonder if they'll listen?  Heh.

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1 They should put a super heavy duty shock collar on these guys when they are out of maximum security. Have a five minute timer that a guard must reset which can only be turned off or removed in the cell. Let him run.

Hey, I can dream! 

Posted by: Machinist at 06 April 2008@23:46:02 (yFIK0)

2 Why bother with a shock-collar?  Just put a GPS with remote alarm on a tamper-proof collar or harness.  If they get away, follow using GPS and when you're close, turn on the alarm (very loud siren-type).  If it's loud enough, they'll probably be disoriented or give up to get it shut off.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 07 April 2008@00:19:03 (tarqT)

3 I rather like the fantasy image of the guy franticly  searching for the guard at  the four and a half minute point.

Posted by: Machinist at 07 April 2008@00:37:26 (yFIK0)

4 How combining and improving on both your ideas?
GPS collar.  Small explosive placed at the back of the neck.
If the GPS goes beyond a certain limit, an alarm goes off.  If the GPS stays behond that limit for a certain number of minutes (say, two minutes), the explosive is set off.

Posted by: kishnevi at 07 April 2008@13:18:31 (0gB9X)

5 I have several problems with using an explosive:

1.  Innocent people close by when it goes off (possibly an intentional homicide bombing where we provide the explosives... I wouldn't want to try and explain that one to the family members).
2.  Accidental detonation through mechanical failure (especially since GPS coverage can go offline for several reasons, i.e. going through long tunnels, inside certain buildings, etc...)
3.  We know some are willing to kill themselves and may consider such a death "martyrdom".  I'd bet that several of the radical imams would issues fatwas proclaiming these types of deaths as resistance and not suicide.
4.  The potential for misuse by totalitarian governments under the guise of fighting terrorism.  China, Zimbabwe, Yemen, and others come to mind.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 07 April 2008@13:33:19 (tarqT)

6 1.  Make it a small explosive.  Bullet size, perhaps.  Enough to impact the skull of the jihadi, not enough to damage anything else.

2.  Hadn't thought about that one.  However, if they're with a guard, the time delay will allow the guard to intervene and keep it from exploding.  And if they're not with a guard, then it sounds to me like they're escaping...

Is  a systemwide failure (say, all GPS in the camp lose signal) possible? If so, then either appropriate precautions need to be taken, or the idea becomes too risky.   At the very least, we would need to keep the cells clean for the next detainee to occupy it, and nothing unsettles a person like finding blood stains under their bed.

3.  As far as I am concerned, they can all  "shaheed" themselves, just as long as no non-jihadi gets killed with them.

4.  Totalitarian governments use lots of things for their oppressive purposes.  Should we give up armies, police, and barbed wire because the Chinese use them? Not to mention dim sum.

Posted by: kishnevi at 07 April 2008@19:01:36 (DqtzB)

7 Is  a systemwide failure (say, all GPS in the camp lose signal) possible?

Can you name a technology that never goes wonky?  Murphy's Law applies to everything I can think of.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 07 April 2008@20:48:46 (tarqT)

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