26 March 2008

Thank Goodness For YouTube (Now)

I'm so glad the internet, and especially YouTube, didn't exist when I was a kid.  My Mom was one of those who loved to take pictures of us making a mess of ourselves while eating, taking a bath, or any other generally embarrassing activity kids do just because they're kids.  So if YouTube had been around, this could have been me:

Trust me... you wouldn't want to see me singing and dancing (sideways, because Mom had similar camera skills to this one) to "It's Howdy-Doody Time!" when the Howdy Doody Show came on.  My wife hated it so I broke the habit long ago (but I still remember the words... heh)

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I'm very happy my family doesn't understand the Internet.

A few years ago they took our home movies (brownie super and put them on DVD.

Those movies aren't pretty.

Although, I could probably make money off of Barney, our wire-haired fox terrier. There's a video of him running at the camera, he keeps getting closer and closer. Just as you think he's going to veer off, he runs right into the camera, you get a flash of teeth and mouth as the camera swings wildly.

Very funny.

Posted by: Veeshir at 26 March 2008@13:59:10 (ThMnZ)


It's strange, but all of our old movies were lost long ago, and most of the embarrassing pictures.  Not sure how that happened, I was out of town at the time.


Posted by: Stashiu3 at 26 March 2008@20:37:59 (tarqT)

3 That was weird, I didn't even notice the smiley face. That was, as I'm sure you figured out, the number eight and not a smiley face.

Posted by: Veeshir at 27 March 2008@10:26:42 (zXUuJ)

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