28 April 2008

Thank You *UPDATED* *UPDATED x2*

Several kind people have asked how they could donate to help offset our expenses. The outpouring of support has been amazing to me. I signed up for an Amazon Honor Pay Box which can be accessed below. At some point, I'll figure out how to embed it into the main page or the sidebar, but until then I'll sticky this post to the top.

Thank you all again. It's kind of overwhelming still, but in a good way this time.

*UPDATE* Funny, but once I got it to show up in the post, it started showing up in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page.  I'll still be taking some time off from blogging to concentrate on getting these legal matters settled, but my stress is greatly lowered already thanks to some pretty wonderful friends.

*UPDATEx2* I just had to add this update as well.  And I took out the Amazon button from the post since it's working on the page now.

It looks like anyone who donates has up to 30 days (Note: That was according to the confirmation email that people can send.  Some research reveals that it's 7 days from Amazon and up to 30 days to contest it with a credit-card company which, since it's on the "honor system", would be automatic.  However, anyone who changes their mind can contact me and we'll work out how to return a charge with as little hassle as possible.) to change their mind, no questions asked (by Amazon or me).  This is great because I would rather someone cancel than regret a donation.  If anyone selects the option to reveal their information, it sends me an email with payor information.  I'm not going to mention individuals here, but I will be sending emails with additional thanks after giving a blanket thank-you now.  Also, the minimum is $1.00 and the maximum is set by Amazon at $50.00 per transaction and can't be raised (I was asked that... really.  Can you believe the generosity of some people?  Incredible.).  The more I learn about the Amazon system, the more I like it.

The donations are very much appreciated as the extra attorney fees, filing fees, travel costs, and a HUGE tax hit from having to amend the tax returns for the past couple of years because of this, have really driven us into our reserves much earlier than anything we could have otherwise expected.  We hope to be able to re-amend (is that a word?) the income taxes once all the paperwork is filed and complete, maybe recovering some of that extra tax money we ended up paying (that we shouldn't have had to pay in the first place because we did everything they told us we were supposed to do and how can... :breathe: ok, I'm better now. ).

Anyway, thanks to everyone again for their support, prayers, and donations.  All three are appreciated in whatever amount offered.  Bless you all.

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1 Yeah! Ok, Stash, I'm happy now.
And you know...that's what matters.

Posted by: sillyblindharper at 28 April 2008@17:30:58 (5+XEL)

2 um...insert wink above, kplzthx. That comment doesn't work well without it, just sayin'

Posted by: sillyblindharper at 28 April 2008@17:32:09 (5+XEL)

3 Stay in touch, okay?

Posted by: DRJ at 28 April 2008@19:06:49 (wE7Og)

4 Hit the tip jar for the Gerbil Emergency Fund.

Didn't send a notification email for obvious reasons.

I hope things get settled in your favor real fast, at least as fast as the wheels of justice can spin.

Posted by: Sinner at 29 April 2008@09:04:52 (U/yZ+)

5 I posted this too, and hit the tip jar.  You can thank Doubleplusundead for his lobbying on you behalf.

Posted by: Michael at 29 April 2008@18:29:34 (Ph1JO)

6 You betcha Michael and thank you.  None of this would have happened without doubleplusundead.  He and bmac were the prime movers in making this happen and they're both fantastic people.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 29 April 2008@18:49:29 (Q5ggV)


Good luck pal.  Ain't much, hope it helps.

Also I am going to kick your ass next year on the NFL pool.

Posted by: Dave in Texas at 29 April 2008@19:39:59 (Kz86N)

8 Thanks DiT, it all helps and it's all appreciated.  As far as the NFL Pool goes though... I'ma gonna whip you just like I did.... ummm... oh yeah, you meant "again", didn't you? 

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 29 April 2008@20:12:50 (Q5ggV)

9 I will keep you and yours in my prayers.  If  there is anything else I can do, let me know. ( I have a lot of experience getting birth certificates.)

Posted by: Kate at 30 April 2008@00:51:51 (Basu/)

10 We got ya bro. Good luck with the kids.

Posted by: Old Iron at 30 April 2008@08:04:13 (tD0Cq)

11 You're giving me way too much credit here Stash, DPUD deserves all of it.

I totally understand how you feel about saying thank you, the morons helped me immensly last year when our dog needed chemo, and we couldn't afford it, and I just couldn't find any more ways to say thank you, or really put into words how meaningful the support from (relative) strangers was.

It's nice to know people care, and especially in desperate times, that can be a lifeline.

I'm not able to donate at this time, (lost my business in Febuary) but I'll keep your post bumped, and I'll be happy to do anything else I can.

Posted by: bmac at 30 April 2008@12:56:50 (oRVu1)

12 Still praying, Stash.
 I'll just wave my little bent wand and keep this here thread warm for you. Hope the details are all falling into place...


Posted by: sillyblindharper at 30 April 2008@20:11:39 (5+XEL)

13 Hope everything goes well. Keep your chin up.

Posted by: eddiebear at 01 May 2008@00:18:05 (ROjYS)

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