27 May 2008

This Is Too Funny Not To Mention

LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler posted a letter that gives some insight into the feminine mind.  I'm not even going to excerpt it because it flows too well to break it up.  I'll give a taste by posting one of the comments though.

Kahlua and a hunting rifle?

Screw that…try Tequila and an AR-15. :em96: And if your plan is sketchy…take some pamprin and concentrate. You’re not trying hard enough. :em04:

Freaking amateurs. :em98:

If that's not enough to capture your interest... somebody should pull the plug.  Just sayin' 

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1 Hell hath no fury like a woman...on the shmatteh?

BTW, I've posted two good videos for you on my blog.  But you have to be a good boy and watch both.

Posted by: kishnevi at 27 May 2008@19:24:41 (gkwrQ)

2 Oh hell... why do I have this feeling of impending doom?

I'll check them out now (with trepidation).

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 27 May 2008@19:51:55 (Q5ggV)

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