10 March 2008

Tron Guy

Okie dokee... if you've checked out doubleplusundead, you may have seen my admission to liking the movie Tron by Walt Disney.  If not, ignore this and pretend I said Braveheart or The Last Samurai or something else fairly macho.


On the off chance you like it too, here is Tron-Guy in an interview (no doubleplus... that ain't me!)  The good news is there is talk of a Tron movie sequel!!

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1 Stashiu, you are a man after my own heart.  Finally, someone who understands that Tron was a great achievement of the cinematic art.

Posted by: kishnevi at 11 March 2008@18:06:40 (l8ztp)

2 It's 2008... I want my Lightcycle dammit!!!

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 11 March 2008@18:16:58 (Q5ggV)

3 I've chatted with that guy, and share with him a massive love of Schlock Mercenary (best web comic EVER).  He's a nice guy...  Whenever he's on, he's tried to pimp Schlock, but he got cut off so much he stopped trying...

Posted by: swj719 at 12 March 2008@00:23:39 (Rh/RM)

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