14 May 2008

Sad Thing Is, He'll Probably Get His Wish

Hugo Chavez is "anxious" at the prospect of improved relations with the United States once a new President takes office.

Chavez, who rejects traditional U.S. influence in Latin America and has called the U.S. president 'the devil,' denied OPEC-member Venezuela represented a danger to Washington.

"Whoever the next president is and whatever party they are from, we aspire, we are anxious, that 2009 start with a new level of relations," Chavez said from an oilfield close to the Orinoco River.

With concrete evidence of his "relations" to FARC, the only improved ties the United States should establish is adding Venezuela to the list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

More on what the FARC computers contained can be found here.

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Lovely. Another brutal regime with associations with terrorists already stating that the problem with our country was not our beliefs in freedom or whatnot, but one man that held the seat of power. I can't wait until the "come back to us our wayward son" chants start being aimed at us from the international community.

This makes me sick.

Posted by: Old Iron at 15 May 2008@07:49:31 (tD0Cq)

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