25 March 2008

Chavez Is Upset Again *Corrected*

Hugo Chavez is upset again with Columbia, this time because the Defense Minister made a public statement that their raid into Ecuador that killed the #2 leader of FARC was justified.

"For the love of god, President Uribe, don't allow this. The government of Colombia is in your hands, send a message to the spokesmen of war," he told a cheering crowd.

When I wrote about this back on the 7th of March, I said that Chavez would look for any excuse to rekindle tensions as an excuse to invade Colombia.  I haven't seen anything yet to make that seem less likely.

Ecuador's attorney general said the government was considering trying Colombian officials in international courts for their part in the attack.

Because the international courts are bastions of justice.  Feh.

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1 He's probably upset with Colombia as well. Touch'e!

Posted by: Machinist teh knucklehead at 25 March 2008@03:22:57 (yFIK0)

2 Yep.  Just about to drop off and realized what I had written.  Figures you would have caught it, heh.  Karmic justice. 

Corrected now. 

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 25 March 2008@04:06:01 (Q5ggV)

3 Columbia has brought in Interpol to check the harddrives in the laptops they recovered in the raid.  Once Interpol verifies the data is legit, we'll have actual, solid evidence that Hugo actively supports terrorists...

Posted by: swj719 at 25 March 2008@14:58:34 (xNyOl)

4 As opposed to his meetings with Cuba, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Iraq (under Saddam), etc...?  Interpol is going to find a ton of legitimate information connecting Chavez to FARC and terrorism... what remains to be seen is what will come of it.

Posted by: Stashiu3 at 26 March 2008@01:59:53 (Q5ggV)

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