14 April 2008

Al-Sadr Demands Deserters Be Rewarded

Muqtada Al-Sadr is getting desperate, but shouldn't worry yet because he still has the AP to shill for him.

The Basra offensive — which opened on March 25 — quickly stalled amid strong resistance from the outnumbered militiamen, despite artillery and air support provided by U.S. and British forces.

During the attack more than 1,000 security troops — including a full infantry battalion — refused to fight or joined the militias, handing them weapons and vehicles.

"Quickly stalled" as in, kicked so much ass that militia are still running for their lives.  Those who deserted or refused to fight should never be allowed to don a uniform again... not even as a bus driver.  They weren't security forces, they were infiltrators from the militias.  How else to explain their behavior?  Muqtada has a possible explanation.

"All the brothers in the army and police who gave up their arms to their bothers (Sadrists), were only obeying their grand religious leaders and they were driven by their religious duties," the anti-U.S. cleric said.

"I call upon all concerned authorities to reconsider their decision to dismiss those people from the army and the police. I demand they be reinstated and even rewarded for their loyalty and devotion to their religion," he added.

Demand all you like fatso, the only reward they should get is a firing squad, and you should be the first one in line.  You're still wanted for murder, remember?  If you ever poke your nose out of Iran long enough for real Iraqi troops to draw a bead on you, I'm certain you'll find out how much they support you. 

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