10 May 2008

Clerics To Ahmadinejad: "Umm.. Shut Up! M'Kay?" (Loose Translation)

Iranian clerics have told Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stick to worldly matter and stop talking about the "hidden imam".

Two leading clerics retorted that Ahmadinejad would be better off concentrating on Iran's social problems -- most notably its double-digit inflation -- than indulging in such mystical rhetoric.

"If Ahmadinejad wants to say that the hidden imam is supporting the decisions of the government, it is not true," sniped Gholam Reza Mesbahi Moghadam, the spokesman of the conservative Association of Combatant Clerics.

"For sure, the hidden imam does not approve of inflation of 20 percent, the high cost of living and numerous other errors," he said, according to the Kargozaran daily.

Ali Asghari, a member of the conservative Hezbollah faction in parliament, told the president not to link the management of the country to the imam.

"Ahmadinejad would do better to worry about social problems like inflation ... and other terrestrial affairs," Etemad Melli daily quoted him as saying.

If you're familiar with the military, this is known as advice to "Stay in your lane", and WWE fans might remember the Rock saying, "Know your role, shut your mouth".  Same thing.  Did anybody else notice that the AFP was careful to link "conservative" to Hezbollah?  That's their role I guess.

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