17 March 2008

Just For Self-Defense

The 57-year-old man who was in a coma after being exposed to a deadly poison in his hotel room has told his brother it was just "for self-defense".

"He just confirmed that it was not intended for anybody," Erich Bergendorff said in a telephone interview from his home north of San Diego in Escondido "It was something that would be used for his own purposes, for self-defense."

Ricin is illegal for individuals to make or possess any reason.  Saying it was for self-defense is ludicrous.

Police say they also found firearms in the room, along with castor beans — from which ricin is derived — and four "anarchists cookbooks" in the room, marked at sections describing how to make ricin. But officials have said they have not found evidence in the motel room or elsewhere of contamination and have downplayed the possibility that Roger Bergendorff posed a threat.

Nope, just a patriotic American attempting to exercise his Second Amendment rights and being oppressed by our fascist government.  I really hate the MSM... really.  They'll downplay domestic terrorism because
'that's what the police told them'... but call the police and the administration liars and incompetents when the story disturbs their narrative.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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