05 April 2008

"Re-Education" In China

China's crackdown on the people of Tibet continues.  Now the Chinese government is calling its horrid oppression something different... re-education.

Efforts by authorities to "re-educate" monks at a monastery in Sichuan province in southwest China led to protests there on Thursday in which at least eight Tibetans were killed, the activist groups said.

I guess the Chinese government is going to teach the people of Tibet how to become patriotic Chinese citizens, even if it kills them.

The International Campaign for Tibet said the re-education campaign, a tactic long used by the Communist Party, typically involved forcing Tibetans to denounce the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama fled his homeland in 1959 and remains a revered figure for Tibetans, although China believes he is a dangerous figure bent on achieving independence for Tibet.

China says he is orchestrating the latest unrest, claims he denies.

They must believe that if the lie is big enough, told loud enough, and for a long enough time it becomes the truth.  Of course, you need one more element for any chance of successfully injecting doubt into the crimes you commit.

Independently verifying what happened, as with all the unrest, is extremely difficult because China has barred foreign reporters from travelling to Tibet and the other hotspot areas and blanketed them with security.

There it is... no witnesses.  Feh.

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